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Ian Wright and Man City vs QPR.


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Ian Wright was watching his son Sean Wright-Phillips at the game tonight. Sean scored two goals and got a bit of racial abuse from a member of the crowd sitting near arsenal legend, Ian Wright, Wright, Wright. Ian took exception to this and got involved in a slanging match with this racist bloke and had to be calmed down by his mates and Kevin Keegan himself. QPR had the man arrested incidentally. The moral of the story: Ian Wright si the man and Racism should be kicked out of football............along with Alex Ferguson.


The one down ithe croydon end of Beckenham, he was wearing the same hat as he had on on tv, I did'nt say anything to him, as I thought he would prefer a quiet time, as opposed to being hassled by me.

I met him at stanstead airport before and he was really really safe, so I though he deserved not to be bothered. He was driving a Porche and I think he has a Rolls-Royce too.


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I heard on the radio something about commotion involving
Ian Wright, but I wasn't sure what was going on.
I'm happy to know that he did react to that racial abuse,
cause I would do the same thing.
And, yes, I agree, there's no room for racism in football
and not much left for Alex Ferguson.


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It turns out that the racist remark was originally made towards Ian Wright when he celebrated Sean's first goal.


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Alexone234 said:
Ian Wright is the Man. I loved his response to the trouble at the Manure v Arsenal game

What was it? I missed it could you please let us know?

What is Wright's son doing in manchester?

Would he be better off with us? He looks to be an emerging talent, but I dunno how good he is? There would be plenty of pressure if he was at Arsenal I reckon.

I started following Arsenal cos of Wrighty! ...and those yellow shirts with the black triangles! TRUE!


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Sean Wright-Phillips is a very good player but still maturing. Wouldn't yet get in our team I don't think. Man City are a good team-they hate Manure too!
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