"Internal solutions": a positive prediction.

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by BIoodBrother, May 29, 2017.

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    Hello my name is: "We've had a brilliant finish to the season once again, I'm delusional and I expect us to win the league next year".
    Well maybe not win it but surely CLqualification must be the priority next year, as we can't afford to sink into mediocrity any further.
    There is one realistic scenario that I want to predict here, so that I can quote myself at the end of September and be able to say: Here you heard it first:

    What will happen: Everyone stays except for Alexis. We don't replace him with a fierce winger/striker (we have Lucas, whom Wenger will want to keep - when we lose Alexis - and give a few chances to) but with a striker or a new CM.
    Alexis will leave in a year from now for free. 50-60mil for an almost 29year old with 1year on his contract will sound too good and I can't see Sanchez wanting to play in the EL.
    We must also not forget that Wenger has found a new formation that he has to love for another reason, except for the FA cup success, that it has already brought. It has two no10 slots and Wenger loves his number 10s. Let's look at our squad and we'll find two of Wengers most beloved players, who didn't get any minutes at Arsenal for different reason this year and who are both number tens by trade and who were both played out of position by Wenger in the years before, simply because of Özil or a missing slot.

    1) Santi. He's been pushed out wide, before he was pushed deep and before, that Özil was pushed out wide. Clearly Wenger fancies boths as AMs. I know that Santi might take a longer time and might injure again but with his technique Santi wont be far away from the first team, once fit in November. He could obviously still play in both of the deeper roles, but his true position still lies in that no10 role. He's not finished. When he's back, he'll be back as the player with his vision, and technique that he was. Not the same agility maybe, but still the same player bar more injury setbacks.

    2) Jackyboy. Same here actually.. injured, played oop often but when he played as a DM for England Wenger always reacted bewilderd and explained to the media that Wilshere was an AM, not at last the player that wears our no10 jersey.
    Don't be surprised if Santi Ramsey and Özil+Wilshere will start in the CM/AM roles all together in a couple of "easier" home games.

    You may say that the two listed players are very different to Sanchez and that Özil and Santi would be too static, runs in behind wont happen nearly as often as now but Wenger is a man who adapts, when he sells. He didnt buy a like for like van Persie replacemnet and he didn't buy a like for like Fabregas replacement.
    If he can get a striker, that is worth 30-50mil in his eyes and fits the bill, he will get one and might just use the resources at his disposal.

    Don't tell me that the quality of those players would be too low. If I look at the Chelsea teams players from last year and this year I don't see where 8places could be made up. It's systems, fluidity, passes, penetration, not solos. Yes it's goals and we lack a striker, that hits powerful shots on targets but: Take out Sanchez and we will be different, different to play against and if you count on players taking on responsibility, when smn else leaves, surely Sanchez, with his loud mouth and egocentric attitude is the one with the longest shadow, that has to be gone.
    I don't want him to leave, but if he will leave, so much will change that even positive changes are possible. Maybe it's not Özil who's the luxuryplayer, because although he doesn't go after a lost possession as hard as Sanchez, he's not the player, around whom we've built our whole team this season. Sanchez picking up the ball from deep this year reminded me of Sweden and Zlatan sometimes, but they only have one good player.
    Just pray that Ramsey and Xhaka or later Santi stay fit and you will see where the most important part of the team really lies. It's just like Kante + Fab/Matic
    Team hirarchy and cohesion and a functioning central midfield should see us get back to the CL where we belong,
    even without Sanchez or a like for like replacement!
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  2. Arsenal1508

    Arsenal1508 Mods are unethical! Ozil, come assist me please!

    I agree...I think we have the internal solutions. Someone always steps up for Arsenal.
    We need to also start blooding our U23 players like Ben Sheaf, Bielik, Matvididi, Malen, Nelson, and Willock. A rotation of youngsters should be in the match day squad every week. It's a shame that the pressure has got so much to Wenger that he has forgotten about the youth movement.
    If we don't give them the opportunity to show what they can do, then what's the point.
    I think we gave enough game time to Jeff last season and Sanonogo in the past to show these aren't the type of players that will succeed with us. Too bad as Jeff look great a couple of preseasons ago.

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