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Zidane is a far better manager than people give him credit for. People make it seem like all he had to do was show up. But his record speaks for itself.
He already achieved alot of managers would dream of. 2 League titles 3 CL. Yes he managing the biggest club in world but that not easy thing to do he elite coach just like when he was player.

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The power will always be in Barca/Madrid. Think about it, when was the last time the best player in the world played in England, when was the last time one of the best players in the world moved to England? Barca/Madrid is the peak of football and always will be.

Yes but with the Manchester clubs and Chelsea the premier league has never had as much financial power to prise one of the top 2-3 most in demand names in the game. Most of the top managers are here now too.


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Massive wages, mismatch with quality of squad and results. Seems familiar on a lesser scale for another club...

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