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La Liga Thread

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What actually happened there? Seems like Sevilla players tried to tell something was said to Kounde which lead to the (stupid) reaction?
Jordi alba pushed hard Kounde from behind when trying to get the ball Kounde lost it and thrown the ball into alba face 😂

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Simeone sold his soul for that league title last season, used up the very last of his black magic to secure it.

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El Puto Karim! What a player! Real 2-1 up against Bilbao.

1-0 Real

2-0 Real

2-1 Bilbao


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Tuesday, June 18

Arsenal’s primary focus is strengthening their midfield, with the club leaning towards adding #6 due to having more options for this position in the market [Gunnerblog]

Arsenal will continue to follow Benjamin Šeško’s progress and maintain a relationship with the player [Gunnerblog]

Monaco midfielder Aleksandr Golovin says he would be open to joining Arsenal: “But if you move, then only to top clubs. PSG, Manchester City, Real Madrid. I would also say Arsenal, because I have always had sympathy for this club.” [TBR Football]

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