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Ligue 1 Thread

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Hasn't it been this way for years now? They have a serious fan problem. Not sure what they can even do about it at this point though because I don't think you can reach these people.
This year it been happening regularly last years wasn't as this bad if i remember


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Surely at some point you have to take the club to task for this. If you cannot guarantee the safety of the visiting players and coaches, then you have no business playing at home.


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Just saw the table and Lyon are dead last. Wth happened there? Are they seriously gonna get relegated?


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Another double for Auba, almost had a hat trick with an unreal scorpion kick attempt. I see Laca got a hat trick today as well. Nice to see them doing well.


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Looks like a big talent, caused a lot of trouble against PSG. Apparently this guy's sister is a pop star in Kosovo lol is this Duo Lipas sibling @albakos ?


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Looks like a big talent, caused a lot of trouble against PSG. Apparently this guy's sister is a pop star in Kosovo lol is this Duo Lipas sibling @albakos ?

On his day he is phenomenal, but I must admit he can also be frustrating sometimes as he tends to be too selfish.

But he is your typical left-footed, low center of gravity player, as he moves the ball in the same way as Messi, Mahrez, Bernardo Silva, Wilshere, Hleb to name a few. He is more of a Wenger type player and I doubt he would work udner Arteta as he will not track back and find himself at RB position :lol:

His performances for Kosovo have not always been good, but he can produce moments of magic for sure. We were linked with him a summer or two ago

Sander who?

Edon Zhegrova is the one to watch. Next Messi.

When Zhegrova signs for us, that's when @Furious will announce his comeback 🔥

This from 2018:


Nketiah, Pepe/Zhegrova, Martinelli, Smith-Rowe, Vieira, Partey/Lokonga/Elneny, Gabriel, Tierney, Cedric, Turner.

Anyone saying Zhegrova is a definite Pepe upgrade is just mental.

Pepe was arguably the best player in Ligue 1 outside of PSG when he left while Zhegrova just seems a decent player.

He could well be better but some of the Twitter freaks acting like Pepe is a Ryo Miyachi level player are ****.

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