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Lino Sousa (Out)


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In all seriousness, Sagoe Jr is exactly the kind of forward I expect Arteta to like. Technically sound, good dribbler, plays all across the front line, questionable finisher (does score clutch goals though).
And crucially Sagoe Jnr had been our best player in the u21s up to the point of getting a game. Similar to ACD in the friendly vs Juve a year before. It makes sense to give a look to the guys doing it at a lower level first. Most of these kids have talent - do they have consistency, personality, the physical attributes and intelligence to apply that talent? Sagoe had been on fire at the point of getting a look, and had been doing it for a couple of months - and is almost ready for mens football physically too.


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Just think wingers, strikers or defenders you can loan them out. But a guy like neaneri who is more of half wide man half AM don’t suit lower league football. They will just chuck him on the wing and expect him to play like a winger. Wilshere was looked after by big Sam which was different. We should look after nwaneri
Also Nwaneri is very young and physically has a lot of development to do - and by the time he's 18 and ready for mens football on loan, he might well be ready to play some part in the first team squad.


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Good luck.
It's a pity to lose him taking into account that Zinchenko physically expires at the end of the matches, I would prefer Souza to go out for 10-15 minutes than Kiwior, but Arteta has his own vision.

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I don't know this kid, but it's a shame we lose a talent at LB, really a spot where we should have space for a talent behind Zinchencko, just like Walters on the right behind White.

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