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Mate, let's all laugh at Tottenham!


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Shambles of a team, Conte is surely living on borrowed time. What does Son have to do to get subbed? And lloris cost them again. Their fans are probably celebrating this loss anyway since they are so small time that the biggest win for them this season will be if we don't win the league.


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Unless Sp**s spend big money in the summer, Conte is leaving for sure. He won't be sacked, but I would be surprised if he can stay on this project beyond this season.


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There's no way that f*cker who's been supporting them for 6 decades has his original set of internal organs.

No human body could cope with that level of punishment :lol:
Yes, they can. Just live in Lalaland where Sp**s are a top club!

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Watching the Spuds slide down the table got me feeling like:

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Seeing FC alongside their foul name is nauseating!! They're bringing the sport we love into disrepute :lol:


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Someone needs to post highlights from the fighting **** on here for pure laughs. The ecstasy of going up 2-0, to the absolute meltdown in the second half.

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