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Mikel Arteta: Top Of The Klopps


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Disagree about him getting sacked now or straight after the City game. He needs to see it out until October/November the minimum imo.

Why sack him now when they backed him with these signings in the window? He overspent massively on Ben White and Ramsdale therefore the board have to give him time and also live with the decisions they made by trusting Arteta and Edu in the market.

They can’t flip flop now, they have to trust the process and live with their incompetent decisions by backing dumb and dumber.
This is absolutely where I am at as well. He should have gone last Christmas, but they stuck with him and he improved in the second half of the season. We are still not where we want to be and it looks like the season is repeating itself, but he's had the backing to shape his team and he needs some time to work with his new signings.

Said before that he's got 10 games to show progress. It's started badly and Arteta is running out of time now, but he should get until November. Would be ridiculous to sack after three matches or whatever (including a Covid crisis and the two best teams in the league).


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After City we have a run of easy games coming up, should be able to go on a run of 7/10 at least. Drop silly points in those games and the season is already over.


Exactly. Makes me think what Arteta said about alot of people in football not wanting him to succeed is really true.

He will however be soon appreciated, whether he'll still be here remains to be seen. If he goes, and we get someone else, think it'll be reminiscent of the good Graham did for Wenger's ultimate success.
When did he say there is people who dont want him to make it?

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How can they back him when they see the vitriol the fans have towards him and Edu?

Edu's daughter posted somet in regards to having enough of the abuse, some nutcases who call themselves "Fans" are bringing her mother and grandmother in it too.

Criticising a man for doing a ****ty job is one thing, but bringing his family in to it is disgusting.

Tweet in question:


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Get Arteta out because it's unhealthy, next week it could be not just the fans stopping his car, but all it takes is some idiot putting his windows through.


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Whatever anyone wants, does or thinks he’s not being sacked after 3 EPL games and he doesn’t seem the type to walk.

Also, about the only thing worse than Arteta and Edu running the club is policy being dictated by social media goons.


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How long are you willing to wait untill you see improvement? November?
A while. We wont be relegated. And there’s a decent chance we don’t get CL this year (but we’ll see when all starters are finally playing together). Kroenke’s have to be comfortable with investing without an immediate payoff but our fan base especially. This is going to take time. I thought it would be quicker but a combination of the pandemic and the **** hole our administration and wage bill structure has put us in makes this extremely difficult. A new manager changes nothing.
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