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Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by blaze_of_glory, Feb 28, 2017.

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    @blaze_of_glory what do you make of this?

    Seen a lot of people very unhappy on my timeline, status quo, more of the same basically.. If I'm reading it right and he only got into football 10 years ago, it doesn't exactly fill you with confidence.
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    Don't really know, haven't followed this at all and know nothing about the guy. I don't bother too much about the US national program really. I mean it should ultimately be good for Canadian soccer if the US can sort themselves out and really start to make strides, they may drag us along somewhat through sheer cultural inertia, but it'll take decades for that anyway I would think.
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    People are making far too much of that comment. Cordeiro isn't a very good public speaker (which was obvious if you were listening to him). What he meant was that Sunil brought him into USSF, not that he didn't know anything about the game until then. He's had an interest in the sport his whole life (his parents were Colombian and Portuguese, for goodness sake). The important thing is whether he will follow through on his promises for transparency, devolution of power and making necessary changes to make the game accessible to everyone.
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    Check out Ezequiel Barco, Atlanta United's new 18-year-old midfielder. Smooth. Future Argentina NT star.

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    A bit of MLS news (and maybe U.S. international news!).

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    Is it weird that I'm more excited for Atlanta's new season than I am for Arsenal's?

    (Brand new stadium, and the fact that I can get there in an uber instead of jet tends to help too).
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    It's really amazing what they've done in such a short time. And they've not only been a winner, they play Joga Bonito. They've managed to bring in some exciting talent from South America. Of course having a manager that has managed Barcelona, Argentina and Paraguay doesn't hurt. I know he's the reason Almiron is there. And I'd assume it was a factor on Barco as well. Great crowd support too.

    Hopefully Arsenal will start getting you excited again next season. :lol:
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    Pretty good night for MLS in the Champions League.

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