New Heading Guidance in English Football


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Won’t be long before either there’s a complete ban on heading the ball or players will be required to wear helmets as the evidence of brain damage builds. These new guidelines set out by the FA and Premiere league this week are just a stepping stone in my view.

Professional players should be limited to a maximum of 10 “higher-force” headers in any training week. Higher-force headers are defined as any that follow a pass of more than 35 metres or corners, crosses, goal kicks and free kicks.

The guidance recommends that clubs develop safety profiles for each player that consider age, gender and position, as well as how many and what type of headers they make. These profiles will then be used to ensure each player is getting the right type and amount of heading practice. Club staff will also be encouraged to make sure players have adequate recovery time.

For adult amateur players, the recommendation is that heading practice is limited to 10 headers per session and only one session a week where heading practice is included. Players should be responsible for monitoring their own heading activity. This new guidance follows the FA’s recommendations for heading in youth football, which were published in February 2020 and updated this week.”


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The balls these days are like balloons in comparison to the leather balls from yesteryear.

Maybe there is some merit in it, if there is evidence based data showing a clear link but it seems we are comparing apples and oranges here

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