Premier League 19/20: Matchday 31 (June 23-25)

Rex Banter

Got Swerved By Gallas
Liverpool has a huge bandwagon fanbase among the athletes from other sports & celebrities for some reason. None of them have ever watched a game

He’s part owner tbf. I’ve noticed Americans have some weird love for them.

Juan Matas Beard

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Actually don't


Rex Banter

Got Swerved By Gallas
Being the greatest ever doesn’t mean you’ll be a good owner.. never forget he drafted busts like Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison, Biyombo and MKG looooool

Don’t think he’s ever seen a lanky unathletic white guy he wouldn’t draft. :lol:


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Disgusting by Liverpool fans. Huge surge in covid in two cases, no social distancing. Awful awful club.

Mod edit: come on

Its not like if Arsenal would have won the title people would also have celebrated it infront of the stadium we are people after all.

Match Prediction

  • Arsenal Win

    Votes: 44 88.0%
  • Draw

    Votes: 4 8.0%
  • Fulham Win

    Votes: 2 4.0%