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Win Premier League: Sheffield United 0 - 6 Arsenal | Monday 4th March | KO: 20:00 | Sky Sports

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Sheffield 0-5 Arsenal

Sheffield have been on the end of some of the biggest thrashings in the league this season. They have the worst defense I've ever seen. I'm expecting another cricket scoreline.

Let's boost the GD, lads!


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Let's keep the scoring going. We need to be slapping this lot hard, they are the league whipping boys.

I'm hyper vigilant about us right now, & am just bracing myself for the banana skin, but the boys keep doing the business.

Keep the foot on the gas & get the 3 points !
Yep we need to give this lot a good pumping. Worst defensive record in the league and worst scoring record. Their only saving grace is that they are playing at home. If we can get 7 goals against this lot that would be amazing.

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This should really be another chance to increase our GD, they are one of the worst PL sides in recent memory.


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No disrespect to Sheffield United, but we NEED to be looking at this as a chance to keep increasing the goal difference.

Every advantage helps in this title race, if we can have the best goal difference and Liverpool and City draw when they play eachother...then we could be top in two weeks!

I am gonna go for another 5-0.


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Last time we went to Sheffield on a Monday night things were completely different, think that was the beginning of the end for Emery.

Do you remember when we beat them in the cup later that season, Chris Wilder said something like he couldn't believe Arteta used the water breaks during COVID games to "talk tactics" with the players...what 😅

Say it all the time, but how the 2019/2020 season ended in a trophy win is insane!


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Can’t believe I’m gonna say this but I might actually be underwhelmed by 5 goals. Should be 7/8

Congrats mate, you were the first one to pass my test...like 5-0 would ever be enough ffs, at last someone with standards here 💪

Please join me in this darkened room in the address I just DMed you, to collect your prize!
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