"probably the biggest single asset in European football

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by quattro, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. quattro

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  2. goonerwarsh

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    And we should never forget what an asset he is!!
  3. shariefoo

    shariefoo New Member

    Its True..

    Even a non-Arsenal supporter would say the same thing..

    In Dubai, UAE we have a saying "Pay penuts and get Monkeys to work for you"

    It is the Opposit with Arsène.. he pays penuts for players yet he gets superstars..

    Any club in Europ would dream of having someone like him..

    And buy just comparing our most expensive buys with clubs around europ (and we still manage to pose a threat to them) shows you how Arsène Wenger is an asset and an important one as well..

    Barca: Almost 30M for Ronaldinho and over 20 for Eto
    Real: Zidan was close to 50M while Figo, Ronaldo, Woodgate and more
    Juventus: Trezequte 20+ .. Ibravimovich 20+
    Milan: Spent a fortune for Stam
    United: Rooney and Ferdinand are worth more than the Arsenal first 11 probably
    Chelsea: Dont let me start with their silly money

    While Arsenal's most expensive buy was Reyes so far..

    What a difference
  4. jester

    jester New Member Trusted

    wait untill he unleashes the transfer budget then! :shock:
  5. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    Last time he unleashed the transfer budget, he bought Wright, van Bronkhorst and Jeffers. :wink:

    I think he's vowed ever since, never to buy under pressure from others, and only to buy the players HE wants.
  6. jester

    jester New Member Trusted

    another jeffers.... mouthwatering. lol
    well he was definatly under pressure to buy this summer and he didnt so he kept his word.
  7. joechapman.2005

    joechapman.2005 New Member

    they got stam on a free from lazio. i agree of course about wenger, but milan haven't spent to much compared to real,chelsea etc. for ex. kaka cost 6 million and he is only 23 and already a regular for brazil and world class. they seem not to break the bank and still be one of europe's finest.
  8. arsenaal fan

    arsenaal fan New Member

    The irony of the topic is he's yet done **** all in Europe.
  9. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    I think the point is that we wouldn't even be competing in the CL if it wasn't for Arsène. The new stadium is down to him. Sell outs at every home game is down to him. The playing squad is down to him. And he's acheived it all on a budget that Alex Ferguson would sneer at. So, I think the lack of success in Europe is forgiveable.
  10. arsenaal fan

    arsenaal fan New Member

    Agreed with what you say completely RocktheCasbah. Just having the expectations we've had is solely down to what Wenger's done itself. He's taken the club to heights that no one would have ever thought of. But about the budget, I have to say, when Ferguson JOINED UNITED, how much did he have to spend? See where I'm getting at. Exactly. The financial power of United was obviously down to some super marketing, but at the same time as well down to the success that Ferguson brought them earlier itself!
  11. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Ah, but you see I would then counter that:

    Ferguson was on the verge of the sack before landing the FA Cup in 1990. It had taken him 4 years to win a trophy, whilst back in London George Graham had both the League and League Cup in the trophy cabinet to show for the same time frame.

    Manchester United's success was undoubtedly linked to money. Their era of dominance coincided with the largest injection of cash into football to date. United's status as first Premiership Champions ensured that United profitted the most from that money. Though, of course, you can't deny the quality of those "kids".

    RVN: £20m
    Rio: £30m

    It's not difficult to see United were operating on a higher financial level than us, or anyone else. At least until Chelsea came along.
  12. MichaelE

    MichaelE New Member

    Rooney's fee was closer to £30m
  13. Feanor

    Feanor New Member

    And fergie had enough money to buy cantona to start his revolution...and it took him 13 years to win the CL...and he had no competion for many years...and I'm really getting sick of defending Wenger on ARSENAL forums...and then?

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