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Discussion in 'Football Games (FIFA, FM, FPL, etc.)' started by Barça o muerte, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Barça o muerte

    Barça o muerte New Member

    look at this fantastic video of ronaldinho. you can see the best moves of ronaldinho in 2004, his first year in barcelona.

    the video is mine. it's my first prduction 8)


    enjoy it!
  2. Etoue

    Etoue New Member

    Well made video 8) . Haven't seen that footage in a while, so its refreshing to see the magician at work. When I see stuff like this its hard to argue that Henry is actually the best player in the world... he's second best atleast.
  3. Barça o muerte

    Barça o muerte New Member

    yes, henry is the second best football player because ronaldinho is the first...if you have any doubt, just watch that video :wink:
  4. Barça o muerte

    Barça o muerte New Member

  5. nazo

    nazo New Member Elite

    I think these aren't allowed on the site. The rules say so.

    They are good videos though. ;)
  6. Rudeboy

    Rudeboy New Member

    this will probobly be locked soon then
  7. FantasticFabregas

    FantasticFabregas New Member

    yeah , probably not allowed, but brilliant videos all of them... :)
  8. Barça o muerte

    Barça o muerte New Member

    henry is espectacular...the next term henry ronaldinho and messi together will do a lot of injuries!! :D
  9. Rudeboy

    Rudeboy New Member

    i dunno what ur saying but if your saying that Henry will be at barce next season then you are sadly mistaken
  10. Barça o muerte

    Barça o muerte New Member

  11. Barça o muerte

    Barça o muerte New Member

    correct! this is what i have said!! you 'll see :wink: 8)
  12. Rudeboy

    Rudeboy New Member

    i can not be arsed to have another argument whether Henry will stay or not, you know what i think he will do and i know what you think he will do so lets just agree to disagree :wink:

    what i can say is that henry and ronildinhio on the same team would be absoletly unstopable and amazing to watch and horobile to play aginst, they are the best players in the world
  13. shonsuperstar

    shonsuperstar New Member

    Actually, i think Henry and Ronaldinho would be pretty unaffective...
  14. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    nice enough video if it weren't for the bloody music hate it and you hadn't timed it to the music like used it as a build up
  15. Rudeboy

    Rudeboy New Member

    why do you think that
  16. Rudeboy

    Rudeboy New Member

  17. dafish

    dafish New Member

    no i agree henry and ronaldinho is definitely playing together next season...

  18. Barça o muerte

    Barça o muerte New Member

    ...no comments... :roll:
  19. BlackID

    BlackID New Member

    what the hell are you talkin about ....

    ronaldinho is a son of HENRY

    HENRY is nr1 the greatist player... :D

    Henry can attack can defens what about ronaldinho can he defens .. haha i dont think so...
  20. stuart

    stuart New Member Trusted

    henry and ronaldinho wouldnt be as good as everyone thinks,i think eto;o and henry would be much better,,,.......................................................................................at ARSENAL!!! of course

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