Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Mark, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. slapz

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    I think Wenger and Rice should formulate a plan B or C. I think its up to him to tell someone to stay where he wants them.

    At the current moment, it looks like the players have the freedom to do what they want leaving the defence a little exposed.

    This is NOT a gilberto bashing comment but he isnt a combative midfielder and makes it easier to midfields to dominate us. Edu is quality when he comes on so why cant he get 1st choice?
  2. KoLo28

    KoLo28 New Member

    Andrew it was just an option, it's allright for people to say they want kluivert at the club, then why dont they go support barcelona.
  3. Webdesignlab

    Webdesignlab New Member

    Er? ... that would mean those who wanted Titi should have supported Monaco?

    I beleive that the right side of play is still where the problem is. Pikeypete started a thread to ask what our options were here.

    IMHO here is my answer Pennant or Reyes on RM (or bring over Pires and move Reyes to left), Toure or Voltz RB, A box striker in the er ... well ..... 'box'.

    This will give us an extra edge for when Titi is getting marked too well or he is just not on top form.

    Freddie or Pires (if Reyes is there) can still do all their usual great stuff, so no need to change Wengerball too much.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    I said "don't take it too seriously". What I meant was that Jeffers is highly unlikely to come back. We should forget him for the time being because he's not eligible to play for Arsenal at the moment. If at Everton he proves (provided he gets the chance) to be the great player that you think he is then he will be back as it would be like we are getting him on a free transfer.

    The fact is though, he did get a decent enough opportunity at Arsenal to prove himself. He just spurned too many opportunities, didn't fit our style and on top of that stupidly got sent off earlier this season. He has always been in front of Aliadiere and on par with Kanu in the pecking order but has blown his chance with poor form and bad attitude. He had enough chances to prove his worth but unfortunately never showed a sign of being a great player in any of his 30-odd matches for us.
  5. Ridge

    Ridge New Member

    yeah. cygan is playing quite good recently, not as great as kolo did in the cb.

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