What if Bentley....

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Anders Limpar, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. Anders Limpar

    Anders Limpar New Member

    ...transformed into a central midfielder? After the game last night I'm convinced he got enough quality to make it if he went for it. Anyway, I'm just dreaming a bit about the future, what a starting line up we could have in a year or two....


    Hoyte, Senderos, Toure, Cole

    Pennant, Cesc, Bentley, Clichy

    v. Persie Reyes

    That is the best young set up in the world imho...and WE have it...

  2. MAK

    MAK New Member

    Not too shabby at all mate. Reckon that they would give any side a run for their money now, in two years time...HAPPY DAYS.
  3. Anders Limpar

    Anders Limpar New Member


    ...we could sell Campbell, Vieira, Ljungberg, Gilberto, Lauren, Edu, Pires and Henry, earn a fortune, pay for the stadium in cash and start an new era with the youngsters at Ashburton Grove! That would be an awesome marketing trick and the thing is, we wouldn't take much of a dip....at least not in my dream, haha...
  4. pome

    pome New Member

    sell henry :shock: NEVER!
  5. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    He needs to bulk up first.

    Get him on the the REYES diet. Nothing but KFC for 1 month straight.
  6. Suki

    Suki New Member

    wasnt he spotted outside mcdonalds :p
  7. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    Bentley will probably move more centrally later in his career, but it is best to start out wide I think.
  8. arsena1

    arsena1 New Member

    that is really a dream.
    let's not get carried away.
    I don't see how we can get away with this.
    right now, if u drop henry and gilberto,
    u would have some major problems.
    so to even think arrogantly about selling them away
    is too far fetched.
    don't get carried away.
    continuity is the key.

    we talk about loyalty from the players.
    how about loyalty from the fans ?

    just because reyes and fabregas are hot stuff at the moment,
    it doesn't and shouldn't take away the attention on Henry's
    contribution. let's not forget that this man is the best player
    last year and he's still improving.

    we should never be those who overhype and overemphasis the
    'new' and forget about the contribution of the 'old'.

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