Would you want Bergkamp to stay on?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Anonymous, Apr 18, 2004.


Would you want Bergkamp to stay on?

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Arsenal Ledgend spent more time at Arsenal than ajax.....so do u think he should end his carrer here with us and go back.
  2. Split

    Split New Member Trusted

  3. godfather

    godfather New Member

    yes! why not?
  4. Nawoo

    Nawoo New Member

    can you please stop asking stupid questions :roll:
  5. Aussie

    Aussie New Member Elite

    If he wants another season he can have one.
  6. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    ****NO! what has he ever done for this club :roll:
  7. beaney

    beaney New Member Trusted

    as if anyone is going to vote NO to this thread! i mean...c'mon!

    the guy is a legend, the way hes been playing this season you would be a fool to not offer a one year deal
  8. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    Of course. He's got a lot of experience to offer Ali and Reyes, as well as being an emergency backup in case of injury.
  9. Henry's Girl

    Henry's Girl New Member

    Yes pls, he's only 22yrs :D

    The man still have a lot to offer the club, i hope the club make a good deal with him cos he said he's staying depends on the club
  10. A.M.A.G.

    A.M.A.G. New Member

    and the choice is unanimous
  11. bellsavage

    bellsavage New Member

    This had better be a windup!, what has Bergkamp done for this club, he is the catalyst for the way the club is today without his vision, artistry and sublime skill would freddie have scored those all important goals in the 2001 run in, would henry have scored half of his goals. I jusy can't beleive this....!
  12. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    He's being sarcastic I think, I think he thinks it's a stupid question and he should stay without a doubt.

    I myself am unsure and would be satisfied with whatever decision Wenger makes.
  13. vin de guerre

    vin de guerre New Member

    I totally agree. Even Bruce Riochgot the sack for signing him in the first place. God what a waste of money.
  14. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    His participation is invaluable, even at the subconcious level.
  15. IW8

    IW8 New Member

    Totally agree :lol:
  16. goonerlove

    goonerlove New Member

    Let him retire at Arsenal after one more year... then hire on as a coach/advisor and scout/ambassador to Holland...

    He is an Arsenal legend... would be great for him to finish his career with us.

  17. diefenbaker

    diefenbaker New Member

    he's gotta lift the champions league with us
  18. memyself

    memyself New Member

    Apparently, in an interview with the Gardian Bergy said that when he retires he will cut all ties with football and Arsenal, which is a bit sad. I wondered if he could ever be kept as an advisor or trainer to the up and coming. However, keeping Bergy would be brill. He don't score as many as he used to, but then again, he doesn't really have any more, what with Henry and the rest. It's not like when he first came here and he was the outstanding skill monster. His vision and passing is still second to none.

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