WSL 21/22 - Arsenal vs Manchester City. September 26 2021, 18:45 BST


Loves Overhyping Our Rivals
Our women is ridiculously in another level it been going for years. Who are better than us in Europe?
Still some:

Barcelona, PSG, Lyon, Bayern, Wolfsburg, Chelsea are the strongest concurrence.

Barca completely trashed Chelsea in the CL final last year. Now we have them in the CL group, so it will be a test how good we really are.


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Can't claim to have watched the match but its great to see them smashing it with such a tough start to the league, that Iwabuchi skill is wonderful to see as well. To think some people don't think the womens game is progressing, what a laugh.

Keep it going ladies, doing the club proud and not for the first time.

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