2020 Transfer Deadline Day

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How do you expect DD to go for Arsenal?

Poll closed Oct 5, 2020.
  1. We'll sign no one

  2. We'll make a signing(s), but it won't be enough numbers or quality wise

  3. We'll sign the player(s) we need

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  1. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    20m+ net we eating good
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  2. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Shut up orny just shut up
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  3. zilfy

    zilfy Well-Known Member

    We will definitely see some panic buys, or normal pre planned buys.

    All these people saying we're not getting anyone, it doesnt make it any sense.

    Mikel has acknowledged we need to improve the midfield.
    We have bid 38 mil for aouor
    Therefore, we can spend that much on someone else, ie Pellegrini, buendia etc.

    It might not be the players we initially wanted but we are definitely buying someone today
  4. UpTheGunnerz

    UpTheGunnerz Attention Seeker

    Yousif recent post there about guens loan fee truly capsulates the DD-feeling
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  5. HomeSteak

    HomeSteak Well-Known Member

  6. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Established Member

    Torreira played 1800 minutes last season and Guendouzi played 2000, so nearly 4000 minutes of central midfielders, and throw in another 1500 for Özil. That's like 5500 minutes that need replacing, and so far there's only Elneny and possibly ESR to replace them with.

    If Torreira and Guendouzi do go on loan and Özil stays excluded, like I think you need a midfielder purely for the bodies, no? It's a good point to say we should only bring in quality, but you'd literally be in danger of not having enough midfielders to play all the minutes.
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  7. AndStill

    AndStill Active Member

  8. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Getting tired of orny destory everything positive :lol:
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  9. Jasard

    Jasard Forum Issue Troubleshooter Trusted

    AMN never plays there. It's the same as including Chambers as a CM to be honest. Which I wouldn't rule out :lol:
  10. AndStill

    AndStill Active Member

    Willock, AMN, Saka are bodies!
  11. krengon

    krengon One Arsene Wenger Trusted

    I don’t think it has dawned on people just how ****ed we are if we don’t bring in any midfielders..
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  12. Highbury_2006

    Highbury_2006 Village Idiot

    I know he ruled Aouar and Partey out but did he really said no signings?
  13. Troopz

    Troopz Established Member



    Get over hereeeeeeee.
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  14. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Lemar is crap he winger too. He may suited more with us than A.Madrid but not what we really need
  15. Preacher

    Preacher Always Crying

  16. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Got Swerved By Gallas Trusted

    He’d probably be suited more for an attacking midfielder position tbf.

    Don’t think his game is really viable for a winger anymore.
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  17. rich 1990

    rich 1990 Not A Big Believer In Diversity

    I think it's dawned on everybody
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  18. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Established Member

    Willock played 1300 minutes, AMN played 1500 and Saka played 2200. There's room there to play more minutes, but not enough room to cover everything. You probably still need another body, and we're not even talking about quality here.
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  19. Jasard

    Jasard Forum Issue Troubleshooter Trusted

    Club took a risk of only going for their no.1 targets. Problem is they thought we were bigger than we currently are
  20. field442

    field442 Hates Journalists Named James Trusted

    He’d work well in that inverted LWB role going forward, although not sure he’d put the work in defensively.
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