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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by siddharth, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Adam

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    Curbishley once said Arsenal are at their most dangerous when they are 1-0 up. He said that off the back off 01/02. What he meant was that once they got the first goal - the other team would have to come out and this would mean that Arsenal would inevitably score on the counter attack.

    It's not that we can't get the second goal quickly - it's that we aren't this season.
  2. thierrys_girl

    thierrys_girl New Member

    so true, Arsène has opened the eyes of english football to a new way of playing football.
  3. jc8gooner

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    You make a very good point. Of the 11 times that Man United have scored 2 or more goals in a prem match this season, on 5 occasions, the second goal has come within the 15 minutes after the first was scored.

    In Arsenal's case, of the 10 times that we have scored 2 or more goals in a prem match this season, only 3 times has the second goal come within the 15 minutes after the first was scored.
  4. jigga

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    good point but i would add that this season and last season alot of teams have learned to come and frustrate us. The fact that we were able to kill the games off early in the first 20 or so minutes was largly down to the fact that most teams had never seen us play that well, we had the right mix of players finding form at the right time.

    our defending is not so refined as it was. but I think the point im trying to make is that we need another quality striker. 2001-2002 success was largly due to the fact that we had ljungberg and pires knocking in double figures along with le king. then there were the injuries, we effectivly lost 2/3 of our goal supplies. now im seeing those very players come back to form. pires has scored 6 goals in the last 10 games. and ljungberg is looking dangerous again.

    im still baffeled why wenger played aliadiere for the majority of the liverpool game, but then went a little cool on him. The mans boom. he has scored 4 goals in three carling cup games, surley he should start to get a game. shame it will be at the cost of bergkamp being dropped, imho, unless he went 4-3-3. sort of

    pires viera ljungberg



    going on a tangent tho, id love to see graham return to us, just to concentrate on the defending only, leave le boss to do the rest.

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