Arsenal agree kit deal with Adidas

Andrew Cole Linighan

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I had the Adidas Home 1990/92 shirt. 🟥⬜ I had it for a Birthday Present from my parents. I showed my Mum the Home shirt in the Intersport Shop in Gloucester.
I really wanted the Adidas Away Bruised Banana shirt. 🟨🍌 On showing my Mum the away shirt in the shop, she was shocked by the design. She said, "You're not having that".
So for my Birthday Present, we compromised on me having the home shirt. 🟥⬜
The Bruised Banana Range on the Arsenal website is good. I will have to buy the entire range, duvet set, scarves etc. I would decorate my bedroom with it all. Wonder if there is Bruised Banana Wallpaper? Or I could paint the walls yellow and the zig zag design.
When she sees it, she might have flashbacks. 🟨🍌🟨🍌🟨🍌🟨🍌🟨🍌🟨🍌


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Tribute to old TVs? @Riou will love it

I bought an old black and white travel telly first year I was a student. It had a VHF band, so you could tune into the herring fishing fleet...

Andrew Cole Linighan

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Not a fan of the home shirt. Personally, I prefer the neck trim to be white, more striking. Would prefer the 3 stripes to be white rather than blue.
I do like the away and third shirt, might get one of those.


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The blue details are reslly pissing me off on the home kit. Couldve been a sleek design.

Away and third kits are really good imo. Waiting to see what the club does this transfer window before gifting my money though.


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Not a fan of the new home kit, like the sides but would‘ve been better with the ‘19 collar.


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I don't like this kit, it looks more like the design of Ajax. The other worse kits in recent memory were the "Charlton" ones, with a white strip across a red arm.




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I really not get all this kit business, an arsenal shirt is an arsenal shirt, there are only so many ways you can put red and white together. All look pretty much the same to me tbh.

If you're in good shape any arsenal will look good, if you're a big round fatty, then not even a multi-billion dollar company like adidas can help.

So all you fat bastards reading this and complaining about kits, get to the ****ing gym!

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