cole may face second charge

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by beaney, Dec 8, 2003.

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  1. beaney

    beaney New Member Trusted

    Apparently Ashley Cole may well face a second charge over his two footed taclke at the weekend.

    even though, once a referee has actioned something on the pitch, no more action can be taken, the FA are looking at the posibilty of bringing other charges against him.

    this is typical of the FA and their views on Arsenal in my opinion.

    They know they cant do anything else about the tackle but are now looking at how long it took him to leave the pitch!!!!!!!!!

    is this just ridiculous or what? Surely this is becoming a joke now with Arsenal Football Club and the FA?
    They are not contect with Cole having an automatic 3 match ban they want to give him more!!!!!!!


    am i the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?
  2. baccy_man

    baccy_man Active Member

    it looks like the F.A. want to screw us any way they can F.A. = f***ing ar**holes
  3. Rupert

    Rupert New Member

    Got a source? If true that is absolutely disgusting news, what about Steven Howie who ran 60 yards of the pitch just to throw about half our team...
  4. beaney

    beaney New Member Trusted

  5. beaney

    beaney New Member Trusted

  6. baccy_man

    baccy_man Active Member

  7. potterarsenal

    potterarsenal New Member

    why don't we just call them the f triple a (faaa) football ascotition against arsenal :evil:
  8. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Hah, Steven Gerrard get's away with it scott-free.

    "Steven Gerrard will not be punished for his two-footed tackle on Nolberto Solano during Liverpool's 1-1 draw with Newcastle on Saturday, however.

    Referee Graham Poll has told the FA he saw the incident during the game and they view the issue as closed as they cannot initiate disciplinary proceedings on incidents which have been seen by the officials."

    He saw it and still didn't act on it. What type of consistency is this? It was a dangerous challenge was it not?
  9. beaney

    beaney New Member Trusted

    It just goes to prove our point, to a certain extent.

    that the media have their effect and coupled with the bloody FA weve got no F@#CKING chance!!

    How inconsistent is that? people think we moan and people say that we think we are being treated unfarily, but WE ARE!!!

    one rule for ARSENAL another for everyone else.

    We wouldnt mind so much if they were the same with all the teams, but clearly theyre not!

    GRRRRRRR it makes me soooo mad!! :evil: :evil:
  10. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member


    RACISTS! they hate foreign type teams and we are majorly foreign.

    look at liverpool they got gerrard and owen england "glory boys"
    Man U have scholes HAD beckham the nevilles etc.
    no chelsea gettin in on the english players too

    we have cole and campbell, the two players THAT apparntly CAUSED the ruckus in turkey even though they were racially abused and spat at by the turks.

    face it we are hated and we know e are hated so just let it be cause unless Dein appeals we are ****ed for a long long time.
  11. Lukazan

    Lukazan New Member Elite

    I am getting sick of all this crap. :(:(
  12. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite


    Never the easy way.
  13. AFCG7

    AFCG7 New Member Elite

    Cole should have walked right away in any case instead of hanging around and mouthing off.
    It doesnt matter whether or not Gerard or whoever else got away with anything.
    Our players know they are always punished so why contribute to it?
  14. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Of course that is annoying, but the punishment is harsh. Especially when Gerrard's tackle isn't punished.

    What is funny is that Steve Howey says that Ashley does it all the time. That is the first two footed tackle that has been dangerous.
  15. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    cole wasnt mouthing off. for a start he couldnt have left the pitch because there were leicester players round him. he wasnt mouthing off to the referee but to the leicester players who had surounded him. When he was being ushered away by the ref, i saw what he said (bit of lip reading) this is what i saw 'was it because it was two footed, was it? just tell me' so really you cant class that as mouthing off, hhe deserves to know why he was sent off doesnt he?
  16. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Ashley is our mouthiest player, but also he is a model pro and is respected by the team for being a good lad. I'd also add that who cares if no other players like him? Keown has had to put up with that, and well, we love the fella!

    And i totally agree with Ashley asking why he was sent off. As Patrick Vieira said - Referee's nowadays make a decision then don't talk it through instead of talking it through with the player and listening to them, then making the decision. It's an ego thing, very arrogant and inhumane.
  17. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    i really cant place my finger on why arsenal are hated so much. The OT incident coincided with lucas neill's cruching tackle. the media had a go at us not him. so i though ok, maybe people get more angry at unsporting behaviour rather than heat of the moment tackles. Then this ashley cole incident coincides with a wrestling much involving dugarry and a broken nose. Do the media go for consistency have a go at dugarry? hell no! now its heat of the moment tackles that gets them inscenced. It is so frustrating, there is nothing you can do about it. the best thing is to accept, and hope the players can use it as fuel for their ever growing siege mentality, spurring them on to success.
  18. beaney

    beaney New Member Trusted

    I dont want to be same old same old but time and time again we seem to be unfairly treated.

    by refs, by the media, by the fa. and all this gives us a worse reputation than we actually deserve, IMO

    Things do get blown out of all proportion when Arsenal are involved.
    Ashley isnt one for going for the legs are being a dirty player, but the press make out that he does it all the time after this incident!

    one minute hes accused of falling over too easily and the next of constantly taking players legs.

    We just cant win. I feel sorry for him now, hes going to get slated by everyine and he doesnt deserve it.
  19. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Superb post. Agree with that. That is Wenger's philosophy - we forget about it and get motivated, untill next time when something will happen, and it gets brought up again. ZZZZZZZzzzzz. We cope, and we never slide - we always get the results we need thankfully. I believe Clichy will shine in Cole's absence.
  20. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    the thing is, i cant really say any player in our team is dirty. our problem mainly is retaliatory, but no one has a go at those he try to get a reaction. Look at leeds, and alan smith. he made a tackle on damien duff, then he followed through flicking his leg out at him. The commentator was like 'it all part of the alan smith package', so lets all accept eh? its ridiculous. Then there is players like keane, who self-admitedly set out to destroy a player's career, but is still worshipped by the media. players like dominic matteo, yes him. He does really spiteful things in matches i'v seen of him, but yet no-one hears about it. then there is steven gerrard. the amount of times he has made two footed tackles, he has perfected it to a tee. But yet he is still a hero. Then there is that weasel robbie savage at birmingham who has never been sent off in his career, how that is possible baffles mes. i could go on but its pointless. nothing will change.
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