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Eddie Nket14h: Price Of The Brick Going Up

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There's a lot of pressure on him tbh and I hope he passes the test. Either way, he has to score or have the same contribution as Gabi J to our overall play.


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Hard to see him ever getting a better opportunity than this. Basically a second pre season knowing there’s a guaranteed starting spot for a few games.

When you’ve got Balogun preforming too, the pressure is on for Eddie to show his worth.


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With Jesus out for at least three months, it's time to show up Eddie.

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I'm encouraged by how he responded to being pretty much the last man standing last season. He's been quite a bit off it recently, perhaps got caught a bit slipping due to how much of a reliance we had on Jesus, but I'll always believe in Eddie. That said, if he screws this up, he'll probably never have another opportunity.


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As much I like him, I don't think he's someone you rely on for 3 months to lead the line for a title challenging team.
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Guess we are all in agreement now, that this team is up for the title this season :lol:

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Eddie time.
Absolute confidence he will score goals.
Won’t be as effective as Jesus though in terms of all round contribution.


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Considering Jesus hasn’t scored in a while, it’s up to Eddie to prove he can get the goals whilst providing the pressing capacity Jesus has given us.

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Even going back to this very thread two months ago the posts are overwhelmingly positive about him. All of a sudden the narrative did a complete 180 because of a couple of EL performances and some cameos were he didn't affect the game much and he's back to being ****.

His good form last year came off the back of him playing consistently and starting.


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100% sure he has enough quality to get us Top 4 this season, if we run with him at CF.

Don't think he (or the rest of the team, mainly the attack) will have enough to help us win the league...too young a forward line without Jesus.

Just hope fans don't try to immediately throw him under the bus, as he is a good player.

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I have faith on Eddie but we i mean Arteta specially he'll need to change his style of play because can't do the things Jesus do at Arsenal he can't dribble 2 players with ease his link up and hold up play is not close to Jesus as well.

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