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Edu's Release Clause Targets: January 2022

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Which CF would you sign?

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I think Gabriel will be one of the best CB in the league over the coming years, has a bit of everything as a player.

White is a bit dodgy as a pure defender, but as long as he has Tomi and Gabby either side of him, he's a very useful player... crucial in our build up play.

Happy to have both.
So nice we spend 50 million on a defender that needs to be baby sat.


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What is Edu doing right now? Making Barbecue in the middle of disaster?

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Honestly is unbelievable you let go plsyers on loan and not replace them specially with afcon both mikel and edu responsible but more on edu because he the one who should get deals done.

The excuse of Partey and Xhaka is useless these things happen in game.

We still waiting for Vlahovic agent to say yes and juve to give Arthur on loan for 6 months


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It's mad we stand to go into the season as our only two CFs being two guys that aren't good enough and are gone in the summer. Absolutely criminal.


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Now Arteta and his spineless squad will go on vacation in the hot Dubai. Will Edu be on the plane?
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