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Edu’s Transfer Targets: Summer 2023

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This is confusing. What about Ben White? He was outstanding last season.

Unless we thinking of a new formation.
Cancelo fighting it out at left back with zinny, white right back except for when saliba not playing and cancelo steps in there. Cancelo at left back allows zinny to feature in midfield, yeah I know he does already;

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He scored in a CL Final. None of our players would do that. 😂

Even Ramsdale would slot the ball into an empty net, Bruce.

Just because the weather doesn't lend itself to a walk in Bryant Park mean that you need to be crankier than usual :lol:


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Ødegaard was not happy at Madrid.
No but he gave them every chance he could before leaving. They had a world class midfield with Kroos, Modric and Casemiro and he wouldn't move any of them. Now they have aged and are on their way down and they have an extremely talented midfield, with guys who'll battle it out and all have a reasonable chance of establishing themselves as parts of their coming world class midfield.
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