Edu's Transfer Targets: Summer Holidays 2021

Which position would be your #1 priority to strengthen?

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do we need a left back, can't we just use Kola?
Wouldn’t bother me too much if he was purely a backup but think it’s likely that we will be losing Tierney to injuries for portions of the season and second choice will be quite important. Tierney is good enough to accommodate that IMO but does mean we’d be best looking at a second choice who is either first team ready or a promising young player. For a young up and coming LB, Arsenal would be a good move; you learn from Tierney and also know that you’re likely to get a decent amount of game time. That’d be my choice for a LB signing.


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I hope the club is not stuck on a hard rule of sell before buy for replacements / position upgrades. We're linked with so many players for buys, that's one thing, but the movement on sales is painfully slow, obviously ibecause money is not exactly awash in the game outside the PL. Even the Xhaka deal has not been completed yet, but that's before getting anywhere near sales of other players, like Leno, for example.

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July is almost here and we have done absolutely nothing. No sales, no signings, nothing at all.

But but we had a bid rejected for a young Belgian kid which we haven't followed up on and we might be selling Xhaka for way less than he's worth to Roma so it's a 10/10 window!


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No mate. But we've bid for White and Lokonga, we are being proactive don't get your knickers in a twist over it. The Euros is on, everything will be delayed some what.

I want done deals, preferably before the start of the preseason. So thats what im asking for.


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We've been told four bids went in last week for four players. Relax. White and Lokonga will see second bids accepted.
People are losing their **** over nothing. It's been a very active week according to reports. Xhaka is close to leaving and we are inviting a bidding war for Nketiah, Guendouzi and others.
Meanwhile, we're close to signing Lokonga and possibly White. And as you mentioned, Wheatley said the club made offers for 2 other players too.


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4 bids went in and got rejected
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