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Emile Smith Rowe: The Croy-10 Cruyff

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Also to that villa twitter account who promised will have Birmingham tattoo if ESR signed new contract
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I think too much pressure is gonna be placed on ESR shoulders same with Saka. they both could kick on next season or may have dips?

ESR is a very good young footballer though.

He is one of the few in our side that can play one touch.

Real good intelligent players can play one touch

It shows how poor the squad became over the last 5 or 6 years when most of our hopes are now placed on young kids.
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Great news. It's a bit soon for the #10 shirt but It's probably better to tie up the number before we get another Gallas situation. Wouldn't want a keeper or CB asking for it!


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I am so pleased to see this, we can stop worrying about AV & all the stuff their fans are talking about now,

Lets see ESR become an Arsenal legend within the next few years.


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The introduction of this kid changed the way we played and turned our season around last year. He made everyone better. He has a ways to grow yet but, like Saka, he is remarkably mature in his game and mentality.

Numbers are just gestures these days. Can hardly see anyone being a single club player these days, but if this kid wants to try to be one of those few legends who manage it, more power to him.

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The transfer thread now has to be the most embarrassing in AM history confirmed. Make no mistake, Villa fans thought they were getting him.
I don't know many Villa fans who thought we "were" getting him. There were some who thought we had a chance, some who thought we didn't but it was worth a go, and some who thought it was a waste of time because he'd never leave arsenal.

But did Villa fans as a whole think we "were getting him", absolutely not.


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We've got to look towards the future, if ESR, Saka, Martinelli, Tierney, Pepe etc. all look towards the future then we've got to admit we've got a bright future.


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We give away big numbers too early, finished club.

Man scored like 3 goals una.
Numbers don't play football. Some of the greats didn't have iconic numbers, they made the number iconic. 14 was never a big number. At Arsenal, it is now.

Giving the kid 10 shows commitment from Arsenal but doesn't guarantee minutes if he doesn't perform. Our last 10 hardly played.

It's a good gesture if that's the number he wanted. Obviously there will be expectations on him. But giving him the 10 isn't the holy grail here.

Let's not look for sticks to beat the club with every time.


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Not sure I agree with that image cuz I'm my book Özil not fit to clean bergkamps boots


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Congrats on the shirt no. That shows we have a lot of faith in him & also on the flip we dont have top established players nowadays.
To be a '10' he will have to get his numbers for goals and assists up.
What else could we do give it to Willian for the lolz? tbf even his numbers were better than late Özil.

While he is slightly behind Saka in his development i think he is an absolute gem of a player.
Lets not forget at the same age & until a couple of years ago Grealish was in the championship.
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