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Is it wrong to still love Giroud

  • Yes he’s no longer a gooner

  • No he will always be a top man

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Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

Player: Ramsdale
You did a great job today, son...


...a great job!

Flying Okapis

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Iwobi is literally awful for Everton, hes fortunate that Everton's squad is so sh!t that he gets games.

Every time I see him play the game just passes him by, massive passenger.

Hes also extremely lazy, not even sure he breaks sweat.

Awful buy, great sale thankfully.


Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

Player: Ramsdale

...him and Sagna are probably my 2 fav Arsenal fullbacks, very underrated but both had so much quality.

Happy retirement Nacho, that video was class!

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I started clapping myself... until I realised that I was Sunderland's manager.

Peter Reid after Bergkamp's goal against Sunderland.

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