"For many reasons Real are superior to Arsenal.'' - Bap

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by ultimus, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. ebhenry

    ebhenry New Member

    thats really the difference between a good player and a great player. baptista is a good player with good attributes that wenger saw no doubt. dont forget, Arsène often sees things in players most other's dont. and he would have no doubt brought out the best in him.
    lets finish the second leg first, i wish we had gone 3-4 goals up and then i would be super confident....then after the match, wenger should walk up to him and ask whether he still feels he made the right choice.
    that wont happen though, wenger has too much class. he'll probably just shake his hand and wish him the best.
  2. andyswafc

    andyswafc New Member

    Welcome to A-M!!
  3. Henry_Pires

    Henry_Pires New Member

    Eat your word Baptista!
  4. Tegh

    Tegh New Member

  5. Slu_Wasteman

    Slu_Wasteman New Member

    Real are superior to Arsenal in a many ways. I'd agree.
    Dogshit is superior to Julio Batista.
  6. chachacallis

    chachacallis New Member

    we should all hold our breath until the second leg
  7. Gunner4life09

    Gunner4life09 New Member

    haha. well then why the Real lose?
  8. kanooo

    kanooo New Member

    Well, in yesterday's game, he looked like a fat ***** - having the worst season of his carrer.
  9. Unbeaten

    Unbeaten New Member

    I'd rather have Walcott than Baptista.

    Real ****.
  10. haha im actually glad we didnt buy batista (what a flop)
    Great performance and we should keep that same team for the premiership (do not rush cole back or the others)
  11. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    Any of you fluffy little bunnies actually read what he said?

    Thought not. Getting abused for choosing to join Real over us? Nah.
  12. i read what he said and i didnt make a comment on that one!
    but we have had no enjoyment this season ' so why not enjoy our team ****ing playing like they can for once?
    enjoy it!!!
    because i think this is a turning point where the boys have had a enough at playing sh1t and decided to respond!
  13. nuke_mx

    nuke_mx New Member

    Thanks for your kind welcome to the fourum and also thanks for the tip , to find the wallpapers .
  14. burnsjed

    burnsjed Well-Known Member

    I really don't get why people on here are so upset with Baptista.
    He made it clear all along that his first intention was to get a Spanish passport, and there fore he was never going to come to Arsenal.
    He had burnt his bridges at Sevilla and Real Madrid came after him, most players would choose R Madrid over us anyway, let alone a Brazilian who wanted to stay in Spain.
  15. ultimus

    ultimus New Member

    nah, the fact that he said Real is better than arsenal in many ways incite this hatred toward him. he rejected us before, but it didn't make we hate him until yesterday.
  16. bobo69

    bobo69 New Member

    yup agree with that... he even made it clear when we were trying to nab him.

    those comments of his are totally inline with what any other pro footballer would say under the circumstances. its his decision to fight for a place in the RM squad. cant see the problem really.... :roll:

    however i do enjoy the fact that we all know 'exactly' what he was thinking when the final whistle went... but RM are a quality outfit... if he gets the winning goal against us at home he will be right/we will be wrong. its a game of 2 halves remember.
  17. burnsjed

    burnsjed Well-Known Member

    But nearly everyone outside of Highbury would agree with that!
  18. gun4glory

    gun4glory New Member

    "For many reasons Real are superior to Arsenal" really means Real pay me more money.
    If we had got Robinho and Baptista theres no chance we would have got Walcott and possibly not even Diaby... So I'm happy we didn't get them tbh...
  19. kanooo

    kanooo New Member

    We have different opinions but I still don't like him.

    On a different subject, what Ronaldinho did to Man Utd. was even worse.

    It seemed absoutely certain that he was going to join them and suddenly - he's at Barca. He was saying he'd join them . etc etc... before that. :lol:
    We're lucky he didn't get there though. (As well as Robben to Utd. if not for Peter Kenyon). Just imagine Ronaldinho and Robben at Man Utd. ...
  20. >YounGunner<

    >YounGunner< New Member

    Baptista is a ****.

    His hopes for the world cup is gone going to be benched forever atleast.

    Could have been that free scoring midfielder that we need.

    Imagine Vieira alongside Baptista.

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