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This guy and Pepe I am most excited about for next season. Hope his knee heals and he's back stronger than ever.


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What’s the update on his knee? Looks like he’s due to spend a long time out for a cartilage shave!


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I figure the brace is more so for protection, because he's getting around good enough to take a flight to Brazil, he'll be back better than ever.


Wishes Wrestling Fans Liked Him
Won't be back till around December if that from what I've read
Heard the same.

Sad news, injured in training as well.. Could've blown up this year. got us 1g/a per 100 minutes last season.


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He's back running again on the treadmill, shouldn't be long now, he recently signed a contract extension, I'm surprised he hasn't been given a proper jersey number yet, along with saka he was one of the most productive youths...
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Was trying to find news on his progress returning from injury. Does anyone have any updates? What I could find said full training at the end of the year. So he will not play until sometime early 2021 at best. Does anyone know anything more?

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We should plan around this guy as our long term number 9. Forget about the tap in merchant Nketiah who should be sold now before he gets exposed as the fraud he is
Boy prefers to play from the wings though. So far I like him as a central striker however if he prefers to make his runs from the left like Richarlison, Auba, and Ronaldo I would rather have John-Jules play in the middle. I am well impressed by his link play.

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