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Jorginho: Gorgeous Jorg


In The Winchester, Waiting For This To Blow Over

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Wish we could just de-age him, top player and perfect partner for Rice...they remind me of these two ..


... though heights would be reversed.


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Remember what this did to Saka and Ben White😭
We have to cancel this mofo's contract right now smh



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No idea what that is but I see UTG post and I click like
SAT except with a side of Swedish meatballs. 2.0 is the highest possible score, need to be almost flawless. Deliberately graded so only 99.9th percentile of people taking the test achieve it.

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Jorgie proves if we put a playmaker into midfield instead of Havertz how our build up clicks. Whatever Kai brings as an aerial threat doesn’t make up for fact he can’t pick a pass. Jorgie isn’t ideal but his skill set does compliment Rice, and the team as a whole more than Kai in midfield. If he cans Zinny and Kai , plays Jorgie and Kiwi with Trossard up top as a false 9 i think is our best lineup. Unfortunately Havertz just not good enough for first choice 11.


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Small sample size, but man these stats look as good as expected.

Especially with the recent MotM 90 minute performances against Liverpool and Newcastle. Earlier in the season he played 75 minutes in the 1-0 City win.

I would have thought Jorginho is a risk against top teams and would play more against easier ones, but wow. Of course there are those draws against Tottenham and Chelsea also. Tottenham especially as he was at fault for their 2nd goal, but he had played 18 minutes in EPL at that point, so was rusty.

His defensive stats are quite good, and I think they were similar at Chelsea too. His biggest problem always was being dribbled past and not having pace to recover at all.

I always think of Mertesacker when someone is very slow, but still good defensively. That's football IQ and anticipation. But maybe Pirlo is a better comparison...



In The Winchester, Waiting For This To Blow Over

Country: Northern Ireland

I would sacrifice Partey to any/all Gods myself, if it meant I could de-age this don by a few years.

One of the best deep playmakers out there, proper leader too.

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