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✍️ OFFICIAL Jorginho

Would you rather

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Cucurellas awareness is so limited he’ll still be saying Jorginho is the smartest player at chelsea when he lifts the epl trophy with us in 4 months time.

Who’s the last Italian to play for Arsenal btw? Can only think of mannone in the last 25 years and he barely played …


Don't get the negativity. We now have cover in the three positions we were lacking. A left footed CB, a DM, and Trossard who can play all over the front line. All of them substantial upgrades on what we had (Sambi, Holding and ...who exactly?) Substantial upgrades, but not starters. Had we got Caicedo now, we couldn't have sat an 80M player on the bench. That would break the rhythm of a team that are on song. So, yes, a perfect window for the run in. Caicedo or Rice in the summer.
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