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Real madrid will run with league this year A.Madrid don't look that great Barca are mess and Sevilla will never get close to challenge them.

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll
Don unai first 6 games in his 2nd season 1 win 5 draws. Still great to get point from real madrid who been good going forward this season


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Mustafi 😂 where the hell he going
Lol, I saw the highlight of this goal this morning and watching it I am like jesus that is some clueless defending, then they do the zoom in on the player and I realise it's Mustafi... it all made sense. Didn't even realise he was playing for Levante haha.

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Bellerin really having good start there Torreira at Fiorentina too if they keep that up we might get good fee from both

Torreira looks good for Fiorentina, and seems happy too.

Should be able to do a deal with them come season's end.

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