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La Liga Thread


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Simeone did the Arteta schtick on Daniel Wass (demanded on pitch while injured) and he's ruined after the game now. Hope it's just a hit and not something torn..


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Good win for Villarreal away at Betis. After a slow start they're sneaking closer to the CL places.

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Atletico are so so finished.

4-1 Barca

4-2 Atletico

Villarreal beat Betis 2-0 and Real beat Granada 1-0.

1-0 Villarreal

2-0 Villarreal

1-0 Real



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A torsion.. Scan tomorrow..

That's not amazing, but suppose it's lucky he didn't fully rip it when forced to play on.

Ridiculous to demand Daniel Wass to go back on. Not a player known to get injured or pretend to be injured without actually being it, so you knew he was down bad.

It disgusts me with that behaviour every time. Trust the players to know their own bodies.

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