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Leandro Trossard: Tross The Process


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Can't actually believe he's joined Arsenal after watching him in the prem for a while.

28, joins after leaving Brighton under a cloud, a January signing no less - nothing like the transfer strategy employed for the past couple of years. Very interesting.


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All the best Leo.

Hopefully he’ll be lifting the PL trophy come May.


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Leo is gonna do this shirt absolute justice...


...obviously Gilberto too, but don't think Trossard will be a world class DM...we can hope though 😅

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Sporting Director Edu said: “We’re delighted to have completed the signing of Leandro Trossard. We have a clear plan and strategy for our direction, and it’s been a great team effort in bringing Leandro to the club.

"Leandro is a player who will give us a high level of quality going forward. I know Mikel and our coaches are excited to start working with him. Welcome Leandro!”

Manager Mikel Arteta added: “It is good work from everyone at the club to complete the signing of Leandro. He is a versatile player with high technical ability, intelligence and a great deal of experience in the Premier League and at international level.

"Leandro strengthens our squad as we head into the second part of the season and we’re all looking forward to working with him. We welcome Leandro and his family to Arsenal Football Club.”

All documents have been submitted and we’re hoping Leandro will be eligible for selection for our match against Manchester United on Sunday.
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