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Managerial Changes

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This is likely the end of Hodgson in management, at least in the PL.

They should announce it as him stepping down out of respect for what he's done for them, even if they are sacking him in reality.


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If Hodgson feel he isnt ready to leave football im sure he can work as a scout for the national team or act as an advisor to the FA.


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Is Glasner a good appointment for Palace? @jones

Why did he even leave Frankfurt in the first place when he was so successful there?
Complicated situation really, initially the public discussion was around whether he would extend or not as he had just won the EL. String of poor results and some erratic behaviour/interviews later and public opinion shifted and him and the club agreed to terminate his contract a year before the end.

Difficult to explain from the outside but while he oversaw some poor spells he never did really poorly.


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If he goes to Bayern they gonna dominate league again but as Liverpool rivals I hope they struggle to find Klopp replacement

We all want Alonso to the Pl. with bald man pep on his way out of city, the rivalry of childhood friends Mikel and Xabi is too blockbuster, too mouthwatering, too delicious and too bonerenducing to not lust after

He must come


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Michael Beale sacked by Sunderland. He has now been sacked by two different clubs this season.


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My god Bayern must be in dire state. 💀
@jones right now
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What's happening to Bayern man? One of the best run clubs going the UTD route. I love it and I'm here for it.
Pretty much a culmination of poor squad building and hasty decisions. They should have waited until the end of the season before deciding on the future of Nagelsmann, especially considering they were still in contention for the treble, but sacking him when they did was a terrible decision in hindsight.

Deciding to bring in Tuchel as his successor was also a huge risk given his volatile characteristics and the egos in the Bayern dressing room. Handing out huge wages to the likes of Goretzka, Gnabry, Kimmich, who were all expected to be a key part of the current core and should be at their peak, hasn't worked out. Davies and Musiala's development seems to have stalled as well.

Sounds crazy to say that they fumbled the summer window when they signed the best forward and defender on the market, but they left their squad too thin. They only had 3 CBs (who, aside from Kim, all had relatively lengthy injury spells which resulted in Goretzka playing CB in certain matches) and one natural RB/LB. Their midfield needed an injection of quality, but they only brought in Laimer and Guerrero who are both ideally squad players for a team with their ambitions.

Can't see them going the way of United/Milan, though, due to the fact they have at least twice the budget of any Bundesliga club, and are pretty much guaranteed CL every season, but they've dropped a level since their dominant teams of the 2010's. This upcoming summer will be huge for them.

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