"Mentality Effect" of signing Gallas and Baptista

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Arsenalguru, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Arsenalguru

    Arsenalguru New Member

    Signing Gallas and Baptista might have a positive effect at the training ground.

    What do you think is the reason why we play so beautiful but no strength? Was losing Viera the only reason why the whole team had the shift in style from that of our undefeated season?

    Probably, there might be some other reason.

    New & Young Players have to adapt their playing style to bond with the senior squad. Our undefeated squad, with Viera, Henry and Campbell as the leader in each department, played tough but beautiful football. It was not just those three, but whole team played that kind of football.

    Last year, with the absence of Viera, the decline of Campbell, Pires & Bergkamp, and the injury of Lauren. Suddenly, Henry, Gilberto & Toure became a new group of leader and those whom all our youngsters and new players had to follow and adapt themselves to play with.

    The result, with Henry, Gilberto & Toure as the leader, could be predictable. - Beauty & Elegant passing football but no strength.

    Even Hleb and Adebayor, who played more direct football before they joined us, NOW want to pass & pass.

    Of course, you could think that this assumption is all wrong. The true reason might be because Prof. Wenger wanted to play this style of football. But look at Wenger's whole career at Arsenal, had anything like this happen before?

    The atmosphere at the training ground will be changing with the arrival of Gallas and Baptista.

    Two direct and senior players who could fuel the fighting mentality of our young players.

    Of course, we will still play beautful football, with Henry as the leader.

    But what will happen with our young defenders with Gallas as the chief-in-command there? Expect more toughness there, aren't you?

    And what will happen with our young midfielders & attackers, who have to fight for the starting place with the very direct Baptista?

    Such an interesting atmosphere, isn't it?
  2. JMT

    JMT New Member

    good post... and a good read. i think first a foremost i think wenger should establish a starting 11 that hes ok with and that can win games. the starting elevens wich have won premierships before have always been together longer than 3 years. vieira pires bergkamp henry so on and so on... so i would probably think wenger will try out a few diffrent formations and try diffrent players in diffrent roles. then once he has the best possible starting 11... hell use these players week in week out.

    the mentality of the players will be even greater than before with the absence of two players who didnt enjoy playing for arsenal and wanted to leave... and the arrival of a world class center back and a powerful brazillian.

    lets hope we get a win against the boro on sat... good post Arsenal Guru
  3. RC8

    RC8 New Member Elite

    I said this in the Gallas thread in regards to this subject:

    Interesting, and hopefully Gallas and Baptista will have that impact. However, I'm pretty sure that even if no one tries to adapt to them, they will still strenghten the squad considerably in terms of how rough we are.

    These 2 signings may well be just what we needed.
  4. LibertineMart

    LibertineMart New Member

    Considering United like to batter us physically every year, both should start against Manure next week....
  5. fanatic gooner

    fanatic gooner New Member

  6. LibertineMart

    LibertineMart New Member

    Why thank you, you're so kind. I'd start Flamini too. And Lauren.
  7. AFCFan4Ever

    AFCFan4Ever New Member

    I think the game against ManYoo will be the water test for this current side. Gallas and Bap will have enough training and game time (considering both will probably see action of some sort against Boro) to be ready to play from the start against Utd. so we should really see where this team is at by then.

    Personally I think both players will settle in very nicely and make contributions very fast. There would be no better way for them to start than to be immense against ManYoo at OT.
  8. LibertineMart

    LibertineMart New Member

    I fear for that guy in your photo against Manure though...remember Reyes.Gary Neville could practically rape Tomas.
  9. seatiger

    seatiger New Member

    If and only if its an incompetent referee again. G Neville would have been sent off twice if there were a decent referee.

    My blood boils when I think of that match. Early in the match, Rio, the last man in defence, knocked down Ljungberg from behind and... play on waved the referee.
  10. seatiger

    seatiger New Member

    But I agree that we need players that can take care of themselves and their teammates when referee is not protecting us. Vieira, Parlour etc...

    I remember Wenger always played Parlour against physical teams, Man U included.

    Sure hopes that Baptista and Gallas can do this job.
  11. Asterix

    Asterix New Member Elite

    Lauren's injured.
  12. joetsang

    joetsang New Member

    "What do you think is the reason why we play so beautiful but no strength?"

    I don't think we are playing beautiful football at the moment.
  13. Canuck

    Canuck New Member Elite

    I'm sure Gallas will bring a good attitude, though we weren't really lacking in tough defenders. We've got some green ones, but they all seem up for it.

    Baptista can look after himself, but I don't know why so many people think he's coming over to bust heads and kick a**.
    People talk like he's going to be running around biting the heads of Bolton players...etc.
    He won't get pushed around much, I'm sure. But he's not come to be a destroyer for us, and I don't think the other players see him that way either.
    He is a physical forward, but he's got some way to go before he could be considered a hard tackling ball winning mid. (If Wenger even chooses to employ him in such a role...)
  14. seatiger

    seatiger New Member

    I don't think he will go around busting heads and kicking ass too, or rather I hope its not his job. I hope hes deployed as a second striker.
  15. Jaden

    Jaden New Member

    Gallas and Baptista are man of steel. Together with tough guy like Toure, Eboue, Ljungberg...they'll definately boost up our strength and mentality.

    RVP, Cesc, baptista (and even walcott) has big heart and ready to shine. Henry, hleb and rosicky are super lethal weapons.

    Just wait for a big win.......I'd say the boro game?
  16. seatiger

    seatiger New Member

    Same thoughts exactly...
  17. Feis-al

    Feis-al New Member

    The thing is, everytime they kick Reyes, off he goes on his arse and starts smiling, Do you see Baptista smiling at Neville, Think again mate. We have steel whether they perform or not, physical presence is there and that why Boro always has a way to work Man U and Chelsea
  18. goonerwarsh

    goonerwarsh Well-Known Member Trusted

    Errrrrrr....if we're considering Ljungberg as one of our tough guys then we've come a long way from the likes of Keown and Paddy.

    He's got a fighting spirit i'll give him that but he also parades round getting photographed in his pants which really ruined the tough guy image for me!
  19. drthorne1

    drthorne1 New Member

    Come on we all no Keown did that ;)

    But on a serious note the signing of these two players have lifted the fan's as well as the Players and that can only be a good thing.
  20. cesc18

    cesc18 New Member

    let alone the mentality of the two players
    the fact that we have signed two quality players itself should be a morale booster for the squad
    and the prospect of a kolo toure-william gallas partnership at the centre of defence is just amazing

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