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Discussion in 'Arsenal History' started by kraphtous, Apr 20, 2018.

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    Heard all that nonsense before.

    The Man City squad was double the cost of ours in 2016. Sure, that made them very weak. We had 10 injured players in Nov, including Sanchez, and Cazorla was finished permanently, Coq out for 3 months. But we didn't have any problems and should have won the league.:lol:
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    from the club that offered 40m+1 pound for Suarez? Get real !
  3. kash2

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    if we got referee love n penalties Leceister got...
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    Now you are just taking the piss bruh. Why do Arsenal fans think they are unlucky all of the time when Arsenal has been known to create their own **** luck themselves?

    You might have a **** memory so let me get out a history book to help you out. Pep and Kloop were 1 and 2 years old respectively, in the league. United also had just brought in Mou and well, Sp**s were Sp**s. Arsenal though had the privilege of continuity with a supposedly top-class manager and had actually led the league for quite some time. Yes, there were a few injuries here and there but so have United in Alex's time when they convincingly won the league!

    What I am saying is everyone else that had been touted to have a chance at winning the league had bigger problems than we had so saying that we weren't favourites to win it all is just plain ignorant. Of course, Leicester had an amazing season but we ****ed up big time.
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    I am real. You, on the other hand, are coming up with non-related excuses. Failing to add significant extra money to Suarez's release clause to guarantee his signing was as much a problem of the board as it was a problem of Wenger. Every other focussed manager gets the deal through the line.
  6. kash2

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    you think Wenger said no to them bidding 40M + 2 pounds? get real.
    This board ended up signing Emery when Wenger gave them 5 months to find someoen.
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    Did he tell them that offering Pool 40m+1 was taking the piss? Probably not. Anyways getting back to the real subject, according to media reports, Kloop's likely destination was Arsenal after his job at BvB and it made sense because their playing styles were quite similar and continuity, style-wise would have easily been achieved. Kloop also had the ability to unearth gems while still performing at a high level. We had also witnessed United failing terribly with Moyes. Signing Kloop was a no-brainer.

    What you are saying is Kloop would have denied the Arsenal, a big club with a rich history which would pay him higher and give more funds for the squad than he would dream of at BvB, while giving flimsy excuses. Give me one good excuse for him to refuse to us.
  8. Makingtrax

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    Football is all about money, and 3 teams had a lot more money than Arsenal, and had done for years before, when their squads were being formed. The fact that their managers were new merely evens things up a little.

    We all know the story that Arsenal should easily have won the league that year was just concocted to whip up fans who were bored with finishing in the top 4. It's not worth discussing. Those same fans have now had a severe reality check though.
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    You are contradicting yourself bro. United are spending ****loads but are on course to finishing 5th. So are Arsenal so what's your point?

    Football has always been about money but has never been only about money. Specially when you use that money as poorly as we have done in years gone by.
  10. Makingtrax

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    Money increases your odds of winning but it doesn't guarantee it. It gives you a big edge over those teams that have less. Wenger had the 5th richest squad in 2016 and had no right to beat those teams above him with better quality players in more positions.

    The story that he should have won the league and was a failure for coming second was not just wrong it was almost absurd.

    Anyway, it's old news, you got him out. Lets see how a squad 5th for investment with a disinterested owner does under a succession of different managers. You'll soon see the answer as the years go by.
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    You are making it sound as if I was never pro-Wenger and that's not true cos I was at one point even when **** hit the fan, but it reaches a point when enough is just enough for everybody involved. Actually, am glad that it ended sooner rather than later cos it was ultimately gonna end sometime.

    Imo, Wenger both overperformed and underperformed in some aspects. For example, most of the players he signed especially in his latter years with the club were absolute garbage even for the money he signed them for. We always handled contracts in a **** way and lost our star players with very little coming our way. Now, say what you will but I am sure if you were the owner of the club and we lost RVP, Fabregas and Nasri just to name a few, for little or nothing, you'd sack the person responsible. For all his brilliance, I honestly believe Wenger could have better sometimes.

    Truth is the top dog most likely wins it all, the second-best top dog likely wins it when the top dog is hurt. Arsenal was the top dog when everybody else had issues. We should have won the thing. If you don't agree then you just trippin.

    Regarding how he left, he had just seen United's boat rocked as **** when Fergie left and that should have provided him with the extra onus of doing better than Fergie by ensuring somebody as aggressive as him, if not more aggressive would inherit his job while still making it easier for the guy with the timing and all. He did the opposite and he is among the reasons why we are this **** atm. That's all I am saying when I say he should have left while his stock was still better and the Kloop contract situation at BvB at that time provided the best opportunity. I still love the man though. ****, I shed a tear when he did his farewell speech at the Emirates and I am a grown-ass man. Just being real.
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    Been Wenger Out for so long and now I ****ing miss him. Come back Arsène. All is forgiven.
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    It's like looking back at a mighty mountain you just recently stood atop, and before you is vast, poisonous ocean and you have no boat.
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    It's like thinking back to your loving wife you left behind for the office girl in short skirts who turned out to be half the woman. And after a succession of affairs you're a complete mess.
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    He's the one to forgive
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    It's a ****ing swamp, that's what it is.
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    Random vid that came up in suggestions.

    Interestingly, Neville was absolutely ****ing wrong here. Cazorla-Coq was probably the best midfield player we had in 15 or so years, and right up there in the top midfields in the PL at the time. They worked together well.

    Also shows what a huge mentality shift Pep has brought because Rodri, KdB and Gundogan started for City last game, which apparently can never work. Except it's not a mentality shift, these pundits are plain horrible at their job and if Pep stopped winning, they'll say the same things again. Similarly, they go after City's defence which is the obvious thing and analyse no other differences between title winning seasons and this one
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    Wow. So much wrong in just a few words. The 2008 midfield was far better for one.

    It also wasn't right up there with the top midfields of the time either. Matic-Fabregas, Toure-Silva were far better.

    Coquelin was just an inferior player to Matic and Toure in every single aspect. Cazorla was no slouch but there was a reason he couldn't get into Spain's midfield ahead of those two.
  20. Riou

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    David Silva was an inverted right winger back then, Toure-Fernadinho was City's midfield.

    I would say Santi-Coq was probably the 3rd best midfield in 2014-2015, that's still a very good midfield.

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