Mikel Arteta: Miktoria Concordia Crexit


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Forget the kids. If Arteta didn't want to play the kids or as his blind fans claim he had no viable bench options, who's fault is that? If we needed squad depth, why would you spend 50 million on a CB when you already had Saliba? That 50 million could have been used on squad depth. Why loan out AMN? Why Bench Auba for this long? Why no keep Guendouzi? This is entirely on Arteta and no one else. **** him.
Thank you. Saliba and Guendouzi walk into the starting XI immediately. They are not here because the manager has a personality disorder but you have people simping for him like our threadbare squad is someone else's fault.


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Denver Nuggets are not close to winning an NBA championship though. They are stuck as the 4th or 5th best team in the league when healthy.
Yeah it’s a bit tricky when you’re not in a big market though.

I think they’re operating close to their ceiling, that’s all you can really ask for as a sports fan.


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I find the comment about squad depth funny. He has hardly used the squad all season. He has played the same 12-13 whilst freezing others out. There's no squad rotation. No keeping players in form. Just slowly (despite being knocked out off all the comps at nearly the first opportunity) burning out our young players. Squad management is one of his absolute.worst traits


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One of my favourites is when Pep absolutely lost his head at the fourth official, think it was a second foul by a player on a booking or something similar.

When he holds it up in the air. 🤣🤣🤣

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He's got a good point uno.
I love how its so tough to distinguish the parody account and actual account.

On the case of not having Cavani etc, it is also Arteta's fault.

If he could stop having the small man syndrome and retain Guendouzi and Saliba we have 65m free to spend on an Isak/Vlahovic type striker and spend on another CM which would change our season considering we don't have major fixtures congestion.

You know Laca is in horrendous form and you got an offer for him, you take it and move on
You get an offer for Xhaka but decide to retain him which eventually costs us points.

Also key to note that Arteta's pull is nonexistent, we can only buy players from teams that are in the relegation zone or scraps of another major club. Granted no Europe plays a massive part in this but just goes to show that no serious player is coming for this 'project'


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Who? The best attacking player on that bench was Nketiah who's terrible.

Man U were ass, created barely anything, they just had Cavani on the end of a lucky break while we have Laca.

Aaaaaaand we have Aubameyang who's 2 years younger than Cavani but has been frozen out.

He has plenty to offer. Just like Özil and Guendouzi have shown by returning to good form after leaving us (for free because we trashed their reputations).


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Who out of Biereth, Salah or Patino do you see getting us a goal against a packed Burnley defence?

I also don't see how it's Arteta's fault we're in this injury/suspension/AFCON crisis either.

Plenty of sticks to beat him with but I don't think these are it.


And did he not know about AFCON to prepare for it?
We don't have many injuries compared to normal.

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