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Mikel Arteta: Top Of The Klopps


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Well we all knew it was coming. What’s sad is that they didn’t even wait till 4th was confirmed.

Guy has the fanbase and club in a chokehold. :lol:
Us bottling top four wasn't ever going to matter, Bumnai already confirmed CL wasn't the target when he recently said the club is slightly ahead of where it was expecting to be. The only question is if the original target was Europa League or Europa Conference League?


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Hopefully the timing of it is an advantage to us. Let's be honest, everyone knew he was signing. Let's hope the players use it as a show of faith in what they've been doing recently, and it takes some pressure of their shoulders knowing the club is fully backing the "project".


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Well we all knew it was coming. What’s sad is that they didn’t even wait till 4th was confirmed.

Guy has the fanbase and club in a chokehold. :lol:

4th doesn’t make a difference in our progress and if you can’t see that you’re legally blind


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Personally I'd have waited till CL is totally secure before announcing anything. The morale on the announcement would be a lot lower on the back of a Europa finish.

He was going to get the deal either way though and I guess it's better timing to announce it on the back of 3 very good wins.


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I've been saying for quite a while that I think Wenger keeping us top 4 in the early post Emirates years is the greatest accomplishment of his career, even above the Invincibles (that spell is worth 3 league titles to me, in real terms)

People used to laugh at me for saying it, but I'm not sure they would now.

Yeah, Wenger's career needs to be looked at pre and post Emirates move really. It's probably the most pivotal moment in the clubs modern history and it kind of screwed us really, coupled with Abramovich changing the ownership landscape 3 years previously. It was a double whammy really :(
To keep us in the top 4 with the 11/12 and 12/13 teams was some achievement. Apart from RVP going super Saiyan. I looked at the 11/12 team and even with our first 11 fit it was mostly bang average, we played people like Miquel, Coquelin at lb if I remember rightly? Andre Santos, Carl Jenkinson, and we recovered to finish third lmao.

Imagine Arteta having to work with Podolski and Gervinho as his striking options??


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I’m a bit finished ngl.

Better to announce it now incase we miss out on CL though.

Imagine they did this with Emery when we were looking at 4th and Europa final :lol:
Great point :lol:. Saw this coming as Vinai / Josh the other day said we've already hit our goals if not slightly better

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