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Non-Arsenal Transfer Thread: January 2023

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Yousif Arsenal

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PSG looking for winger but Zyiech going from Chelsea bench to psg bench.

Honestly players are so dumb


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I hoped Chelsea won't find buyers for their dross players they don't need anymore and now it looks like they are already getting sold Jorginho and Ziyech in winter...

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PSG colluding with Chelsea to give them enough money to close the Caicedo deal, leaving us with a clear run at their resident road-kill, Jorginho.

Edu must be thrilled when he doesn't have to engineer such moves (as that would require more manual work than manipulating utensils :lol:).

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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Amrabat won't be going this late of window he too important for Fiorentina and president tell the media he not for sale until summer at least.


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Only a poorly run club like Everton would pay 40m for a player like Gallagher.

Can't pass and has no positional sense. How did this guy even convince people that he's a midfielder?
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