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Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Rohit, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. cesc18

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    anyone saw fergie s face go red when he asid arsenal were the better side in his post match interview :D said it twice too

    got to hand it to him though gracious in defeat
  2. cesc18

    cesc18 New Member

    dont post links to clips .see forum rules
    anyway no one needs videos to say we need henry :D
    what s this anyway
    henry doesnt play we win so lets chuck him
    so by that stupid logic we should chuck out all our injured players if we win
    :lol: :lol:
    lets transfer senderos clichy and lauren out as well :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. chubbles

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    People can quote stats to describe it as a close game, and in that sense it was. Sure Utd had some chances, they're always gonna have chances.

    But the reality is we destroyed them in every area, and made them look like a seriously primitive outfit. Beyond being a great victory for us, it was a great victory for our way of playing ball.

    A Great Day. :)
  4. Goonergirl

    Goonergirl New Member

    Kind of late post but wasn't in London but I was still able to catch the match on telly .
    Im so glad we won although I never really doubted the team at the start I said we could win it if we tried.
    credit to Man Utd they played good football it was such a good match to watch, everyone played really well today and the way we shut down Rooney and Saha was good I hardly noticed Rooney at all.
    Big thanks to Lehman with his great saves, Adebayor who I never really rated but he worked hard and annoyed Man Utds defence, Fabregas although not up to his high standards was still effective and made that lovely pass for the goal, Gilberto for doing his job well and captained the side well even after missing his penalty, Rosicky was just immense he really plays better in the centre and finally Toure who dispite his pain was playing his heart out for us.

    Oh I also want to Im proud of our away fans even on the telly I could still hear them!
    Hopefully this match will be such a big confidence boost for the team that we can beat Sheffield.
  5. Gooner_Girl

    Gooner_Girl New Member

    Was at the game unfortunately on the manure side (my friend's a season ticket holder for them). Great match and great performance overall. Think our chances increased when he took scholes off thought he was the best player for man u. We're finally attempting to shoot more! Was quite disappointed with adebayor but he made up for it by scoring, don't think hleb played that well either but the reat of the team were great. we should have scored more but who cares we've got the 3 points.
  6. RockyRocastle

    RockyRocastle New Member Trusted

    Loved it when that got going.

    First heard it in the pub at City away, then in Hamburg and on the conourse before the game yesterday but I never thought it would be sung like it was during the game.

    When it got to 10 men everyone was up - could you hear it on the box? Must have been able to do. Just a little taste of what is waiting for him.
  7. jeromelee

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    Something that caught my eye :) Brilliant.

    Subject: v Arsenal *Post Match Discussion*


    Reply to: Ting

    i just finished watching the Man Utd vs Arsenal match and i can say without any hesitation that United were completely outclassed. Outclassed from start to finish. at times i was left gaping in amazement at the way arsenal completely ripped us to shreds with their passing. United were absolutely disgraceful, one of the worst performances i have ever seen at Old Trafford in my life. My man of the match was Francesc Fabregas. He completely dominated the midfield with his one touch passing and his movement, and he set up the Adebayor goal. in a word, he was brilliant. Rosicky also had a fine game as did adebayor and eboue. On the united front all the players went missing or played like cr**. Rooney was completely anonymous, made no impact on the game. Ronaldo did garbage, he first gave the ball away in the midfield to let adebayour run 50 yards unchallenged and get a free shot at goal, then he lost the ball in the midfield again by dancing and tripping himself. Not to mention he missed united's best chance of the game. evra seemed to go missing at intervals in the game, only to pop up and get turned inside out by Adebayor, rosicky, fabregas and hleb respectively. Probably made 2 good tackles all game and did nothing offensively except run up and down the flank without effect.

    then there was Oshea. This is where Fergie's stupidity at not buying a good defensive midfielder begins to haunt him. My goodness. A firm candidate alongside ronaldo and rooney for worst player in the match. this guy, who should be protecting the defence, without any pressure on him, decides to pass the ball to a fresh Baptista (just subbed on) and then escorted him 55 yards to our goal where he took his time with a shot. did nothing in the united midfield that was postive. it wouldnt have been so bad had he been anonymous like rooney, but he was persistent on doing negative things.

    and the worst part is that We no longer have a point gap over chelsea.

    but having said that Arsenal didnt deserve to win 1-0 . to be honest the performance was worthy of a 3-0 or 4-0 scoreline. congrats to the gunners. United were OWNED.
  8. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    The Red Action boys had it going in the Rocket before last week's game too.

    MUTERI New Member

    Unfortunately I couldn't be here in the forum last night to enjoy the post-match party :) .

    Great performance, great result, what a time and what a place to get your 1st win of the season.

    Every single gooner from mad Jens to Ade was brilliant, we outplayed united and deserved our win.

    It was one of greatest games for our players and surely it was the greatest for Adebayor .

    I can't be happier, that was a massive, massive win, we haven't beaten United in the league since 2002, and to get it at OT with their great form and our poor one makes it better.
  10. Jkreffer

    Jkreffer Member Trusted

    Very true, they were. Took a while but in the end everybody it seemed was joining in with the chant. I swear even a few United fans were joining in.
  11. gooner_singh

    gooner_singh New Member

    Having had time to reflect and celebrate and see some of the so called gooners on this site give their two pence, I thought I would give mine to.

    Great game, have not seen arsenal dominate united at OT like that ever before, deserved a win but could have been a draw had it not been because of jens, no more needs to be said about the game, trust wenger and have faith in the squad.

    I remember having to tell people to have faith in the team and see what happens, I just have a feeling whatever arsenal might do, it will not be enough for some people, when we did not buy a player apart from rosicky till deadline day, there were some of us calling for wengers head, then we buy two great players and it helped some people, whilst others went on about having weak left back, I dont know what others think but at defending gallas is better than cole, so how does that make us weaker at left back.

    Now we have beaten a team, no one thought including die hard gooners that we would win, now some of us have decided to critice TH14, after what 3 games this season, wow you lot have got some nerve, the guy who has been consistently our top scorer since he been here, its jus ridicolous and really annoying to know someone who loves to be a gooner is being criticised after three games, please gooner let haters hate on TH14 and get behind the team, hope ade bashers have held their hands up and apologised, yes 1 performance does not make him a world beater but sure does prove he can merit a place in our first team.
  12. Viper

    Viper Member

    I think one of the reasons we have done well without Henry is because we usually focus our play to go through him.

    Without Henry, our game appears to be more free-flowing. It is still possible to play like that with Henry, only if we sometimes ignore him.
  13. KingReyes

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    Heard it loud and clear on the telly mate. Knew it was 'one man went to..' but didn't know the exact words but I do now. Must say the fans were outstanding, we outsung those muppets throughout and once again we have shown that we can sing and be vocal when we want to be.
  14. Lehmann1

    Lehmann1 New Member

    I thought we would win and for Ade to be the scorer of the winner was just great. He takes so much stick but he worked so hard and deserved his goal. Jens,Manu,Johan,Kolo,Willy,Freddie,Gilberto,Cesc,Hleb,Freddie Tomas and Ade they were all outstanding. To see how much it meant to them at the final whistle was great. What a great result 8)
  15. zievad

    zievad New Member

    one of the few posts I agree with. Good point and something I agree with fully. Don't always look up and think Henry. Make him work for the ball a bit more and therefore create more space for him when defenders get drawn to other runners like ade, freddie, rosicky, fab, etc. This team in full flow is going to turn other teams inside out. Bring on the chav scum. :D
  16. yoinkster

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    why oh why do you bananas keep asking for goal cips,

    if you really want to find the games i suggest you try looking hard and learning what a torrent is and then maybe ask google about a guy called maxxed.

    but that's only a suggestion, I don't know what it will get for you exactly but it might just work. *nudge*nudge*
  17. Rodelero

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    This is what i've always believed his little speech earlier in the week was about.

    Don't rely on me, and don't expect me to do everything for you. Its a blunt way of putting it; but its what Arsenal needed.
  18. tbbosa

    tbbosa New Member

    Great win. But the whining here is spoiling things. I felt like not coming to this forum when people started giving ADE stick even before the game. Now that he has done well they have switched to Titi. Fickle as ever!!
    Back onto the game, it was the greatest feeling at OT since Wiltord 2001. Enough said!. I believe this is the turning point of our season and we need a fit Henry and a fit RVP to pull it off. Go Arsenal!
  19. Webdesignlab

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    There are a few clips on U-toob (work that out for yourselves) now, just search for Manchester United v Arsenal 17 september.

    Is this the pic everyone wanted to see?

  20. xpavel

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