PL: Manchester United vs Arsenal | 17/09/06

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by Rohit, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. polar87

    polar87 New Member

    You cannot post links to video clips on this forum dude
  2. Money Wins

    Money Wins New Member

    What a game! I was watching the game in the pub. Most of the audience were noisy Man U fans. About 5% of us were Gooners. A cracking result!

    There's a lot that has been said so I'll try not to repeat.

    One things stuck me: when there were loose balls we were them SO much quicker that Utd to pick them up. We chased the ball with pace and purpose and generally had better positioning throughout the game. In the end it was 50% / 50% possession which surprised me. But we certainly looked more assured in possession -the formation worked well and the team looked reslient and strong psychologically which is a huge positive to take out of the game.
  3. Nyingmeh

    Nyingmeh New Member

    Henry is Human, at least I think so... too much adoration and praise has made him too comfortable and I bet other managers watch him so keenly in order to develop strategies to block him. I'm sure he would have burried the game long ago ( the first time I have actually seen MANU playing decent football against us, I must give credit to their new team plus they were not so bad ) . Inshort to cut the T's and dot the I's, Wenger needs to work on a new way to use Henry, I am sure Baptista is the solution; he runs deeps, and calls defenders to himself, which can definitely create the space the King needs.

    Bravo Arsenal, and BRAVO to all ya fans. This is a wonderful place to belong...
  4. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    The way we played yesterday shows that we can win the Premiership and the Champions League. United simply could not get near us. We completely embarrassed them on their own patch with our brilliant pass and move football. We've got fantasticly talented players all over the pitch.
  5. nORg@

    nORg@ New Member

    yupp Ade was the best player ...He should perform like this every week , I like when he playes a CF cuz thats where he belongs.....Sorry Ade I really underrate you ;)
  6. bojed

    bojed AM Resident Joker #1 Trusted

    i went to class and told my chavski friend we deserved that victory big time and he gave me a disgusted face as a reply...

    i think winning 1-0 at stainfork fridge against a clueless liverpool is much more meaningful than winning 1-0 against a hot on form manure at sold trafford eh?

    they must be feeling f*cking bitter at us haha :lol: :twisted: :lol:
  7. FoetusWalcott

    FoetusWalcott New Member

    Why don't we play five across midfield more often?
    It worked on Sunday and was the main reason we achieved so much in the CL last year!!!
  8. gunner321

    gunner321 New Member

    a game against real madrid/juve/barca/villareal/man utd is diff from sheff utd/reading/man city where we need goals and should be able to defend the few attacks we need to defend.
  9. FoetusWalcott

    FoetusWalcott New Member

    Not nessasarily!!!!!!
    It makes us far sturdier defensively.
    If we weren't so eager to throw bodies forward teams wouldn't hit us on the break like they do!!!! Plus we need to learn how to stretch teams more. We need to send bodies into the box rather than floating around outside it like we usually do!!!! Then we could pump in the occasional cross when things get desperate!!!!
  10. Jameel46

    Jameel46 New Member

    the only reason that we don't play 4-5-1 more often is because Henry doesn't seem to like it, he's left isolated and he often gets frustated
  11. FoetusWalcott

    FoetusWalcott New Member

    Well **** him then!!!!!
    He wasn't complaining when we reached the CL final!!!!
  12. RockyRocastle

    RockyRocastle New Member Trusted

    Took a little voice recording before the game when we were getting the beers in.


    I wonder who that loud mouth is you can hear leading the chanting? :whistling
  13. sparky44

    sparky44 New Member

    can anyone get a GIF of fabregas mugging ronaldo and starting to create the goal? would be fantastic!
  14. Josh27

    Josh27 New Member

    Only just got on the net after yesterdays win. What a game eh, already been said a million times... a blinding result!
    Won't see a better save all season than the one from Jens, awesome stuff.

    Loved Gallas at the end too, the guy looked like he was born and bred Arsenal, love it!

    Hopefully this will really kick start our season now.
  15. James

    James New Member Elite

    Love it mate.

    Knew the atmosphere was going to be incredible from the moment i got there. Before i went in, was stood near our entrance for about 5 minutes , and could hear all the gooners inside the concourse then.
  16. mountcharles gooner

    mountcharles gooner New Member

    would love to see the gallas clip please. isnt it amazin what a good football result can do to a person. its a wonderful world and everthing is good again. you can get up for work with a spring in your step and you have a gleam in your eyes as you face your workmates with confidence for another week. oh man it changes so much...
  17. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    Without a doubt. There is a lot of Gooners where I work, and it was a very good atmosphere at today.
  18. Mbaki Mutahaba

    Mbaki Mutahaba New Member Trusted

    Our 4-5-1 which some posters here have accused us of being anti-arsenal has always worked well even with Henry upfront. The only times it really backfired was with bergy against Manure in the FA Cup. Regardless of the formation our attacking approach is still there..we still go up in numbers. To claim Arsenal played better without Henry is just dumb. Sure Ade did a good job but our last 3 games we created more chances than yesterday, dominated more than yesterday and it was with a 4-4-2. So please cut this nonsense of the team feeling the Henry pressure when he is on the pitch therefor not playing well. Its pure manure ****. As a midfielder If I get to play with Henry when i get the ball i will first look up for him.he is the last man on top and better yet he is f*ing brilliant if the ball gets to him.

    We talk like yesterday was the only day we played good footie and that was cos Henry wasn't there.
  19. mountcharles gooner

    mountcharles gooner New Member

    that result will have so many positives apart from the three points. it will help convince gallas that he made the right move and it will lift thierry too. henri has been showing a little mental tiredness and who could blame the man considering what he has done for us year in year out. and dont forget he is well past the magic age of 25 when the human body reacts differently. we all know the things we could do in our pre 25 days that we just cant do now (i'm speaking as an over 40). this result will will have th itching to get back again. and i can remember just over a year ago seing in these forums people saying we needed a new keeper. no one would dare say that now.....
    and another point it will shove a lot of stupid words up ashley cole's a*s. can you believe some of the things he said about arsenal lacking spirit. what crap.
    would i be right in saying that arsenal went through the champions league unbeaten apart from the only game that cole played in!!!
  20. James

    James New Member Elite

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