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PL: Sheffield United vs Arsenal | Monday 21st October | KO: 20:00 | Sky Sports

What will the result be?

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Rex Bezos

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Still a long way to go in this international break but why not look ahead?

As many of you have probably seen, I’m a huge fan of United’s manager Chris Wilder and for me he’s one of the most innovative but successful managers in the country today.

I’ve watched them most weeks and I’ve been impressed with how well they’ve transitioned to the top flight. Against similar level opposition they play on the front foot with a ball dominant style and a lot of positionless play where guys swap around regularly but they’re still very good defensively.

Hard to predict how they’ll set up because even though we’re a much better team we and they’ve given up possession to bigger teams so far, we don’t look comfortable trying to control games and have been there for the taking in every away game this year.

They’re a very poor quality side although Robinson, Stevens and Fleck are decent. Henderson’s an ok keeper but he’s got a clanger in him. Also Lundstram is a FPL god.

For us hopefully it’s return of the macks, Tierney and Bellerin. Lot of praying they can completely transform us going forwards, especially firing crosses into PEA and Pepe.

Laca is still going to be out so the line up, (barring any international break injuries) is pretty straightforward.

Bellerin - Sok - David Luiz - KT
Xhaka - Guendo
Pepe - Auba - Saka

I don’t like the line up but we all know it’s coming. I can see a draw here, both sides struggle to create chances but I’m confident we can win if we show a bit of resilience and don’t give away any goals, PEA will get at least one chance and if he buries it think that’s enough.

Also a big f*ck you to Sky for scheduling this on a Monday night three days before a Europa League away trip.


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The emergence of Saka to be nailed on for a start in a game like this is great, almost already to the point of being an upgrade over Iwobi. That transition of the first team (post-Iwobi) is more or less over.

El Duderino

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Hopefully Xhaka starts and gets a cheeky yellow that gets him off for the Palace game.

Maybe we're worse without him, but I think we've should at least find this out now that Guendo and Willock have been peforming more regularly.

Tir Na Nog

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Draw probably, Sheffield are decent and will raise their game, we're **** away but with Auba we can score a goal or two.


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Only changes I'd make is bringing in Tierney for Kola, and then Willock for Xhaka and Holding for Papa

A midfield of three of Willock, Guendouzi and Ceballos in my opinion is technically very tidy, would let us keep possession a lot more. A defence of Chambers, Luiz, Holding and Tierney would help with keeping possession as well, all very comfortable on the ball and that what we lack atm.

I don't mind Willock in a CAM position as well.


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I don't think Saka is ready to play week in week out. He can play the next game but we need to find someone he can rotate with. He's still young and needs someone he can learn from.

Tomb Bombadil

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This would be my starting eleven.

Bellerin - Chambers - Luiz - Tierney
Guendouzi - Willock
Pepe - Ceballos - Saka

I guess a bit too much rotation, but this should be first eleven performance wise. I guess even Pepe would be dropped then for Martinelli, but would give him a bit more time and we have many games in the coming weeks.

I guess what we wil see is the same eleven as against Bournemouth with Tierney coming in for Kolasinac.
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