Premier League 19/20: Matchday 29 (Mar 7-9)


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Exactly. To get top four, we must win 9 out of the 10 remaining matches. Impossible with the way we are playing and our run in.
Yep and honestly even with 9/10 or even 10/10 it'd still be very, very tight in my opinion. Could be a point in it.


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You are probably right. I would tip Martinelli, Auba and Saka over their respective players on those positions. Their midfield is certainly ahead of ours but everything else could be at par.

I would definitely try that though. Everyone expects us to be beaten anyway. Any strategy that can get us a result should be tried IMO.

I think Arteta HAS to try that approach as otherwise it would be a very comfortable win for them just like at the Emirates. You cannot go to them and try to outplay their own game with inferior players.

I just do not think we can pull it off parking the bus.

It will be interesting who he partners with Xhaka. Torreira is going to be a huge miss. Xhaka needs a proper defensive midfielder next to him with Özil No. 10. Is Chambers fit?


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It's crazy, that a team like City has to play with a Back-4 like Cancelo-Otamendi-Fernandinho-Zinchencko. Even for second choice player that's horrible.


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This result doesn't suit us. City will be fired up for Wednesday now.
What difference does it make? This team pretty much fluked a win against struggling WH, at home. Not to mention Arteta will most likely put out the same dead lineup.

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Start of feb. But done two months from December to Jan. Drinking more water, taking vitamins.

Feel more grounded if that makes sense? More than anything you see the triggers, I’m finding that any negative and down moment and I’m think about breaking my run. Genuinely think I might have broken the porn cycle through this.

I think after 4/5 days I'd erupt, I'd be a testosterone monster wanting to **** trees and tables. Not sure my sex drive could handle no fap.

Glad it's working out for you.