Premier League 21/22: Gameweek 5 (Sep 17-19)


Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so.



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Anyone been watching all of Willocks absolute disaster class's? AM cried when I said 25M is great business.


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Willock with the pre-assist for Newcastle's equaliser. ASM great finish. Joelinton finally does something. Just need some end product for Willock in this game now.

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pepe out, saint maximin in
xhaka out, bissouma in
lacazette out, isak in

winner winner chicken dinner.

fantastic half of football here.


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ASM or Pepe? 🤔
Pepe for me has a better strike on him, but ASM is the better dribbler and overall player, I think. ASM is virtually unplayable 1 on 1, whereas Pepe is inconsistent in that regard. Its funny with Pepe, I think a lot of his inconsistency is mental. He has the ability but for some reason can’t apply it all the time.

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Not a fan of the Leeds kit, it's too much of a light purple for my liking, needs to be either bolder or darker. Never seen that shade for a football kit before.


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Newcastle need a possession player in midfield (not Shelvey lol). They probably could have taken Billy Gilmour on loan instead of Norwich. If Azeez was more ready, would let him go there. Someone to match Willock's quality IMO.

You saw with the last counter attack at the end the way Saint-Maximin created another opportunity with his running and Almiron just ****s it up because he's not good :lol:.