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Loss Premier League: Arsenal 0-2 Aston Villa | Sunday 14th April | KO: 16:30 BST | Sky Sports

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Arsenal 3-0 Aston Villa


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Is this the end of the little Gabriel handball routine that he has done loads of times but for some reason has only just been clocked? Only takes a jobsworth ref.

Will Partey start? It’s definitely a risk, but I think he will.

I’m in the corporate seats for this, prefer roughhousing it in the Emirates away end for Bayern. Close to the grass roots of the game.


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Need a strong performance & a dominant win to put us back on track & keep the momentum going.

We are at home so should be winning this.

3 - 0. Havertz, Gabriel, Ode

*Would like to see ESR start & have Rice at 6. Doubt it'll happen tho.

Saka needs a break at some point otherwise he will breakdown.


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I reckon Partey starts this one and I’m cool with that as Villa are without Luiz and Kamara.

This will be all about us being clinical and getting the job done.


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Massive game for Villa tonight, think they'll go strong to get as far as possible in Europe. Lille aren't a slouch either, fourth in Ligue 1. Emery has said that Cash is still out and Lenglet too with a small problem.

A sensible Villa fan:

"The Thursday Lille home - Sunday Arsenal away - Thursday Lille away situation is seriously tricky. Playing the A team against Lille & the B team against Arsenal is the only solution. Arsenal are 2/9 on and Villa are 9/1 against, so any complainants from City or Liverpool about the weakened team can do one. Villa must focus selfishly on finishing 4th or 5th & winning the ECL."

We should go big, score a few goals on Sunday and rotate after that.


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Hard to imagine anything but a professional win here. Might see some light rotation. Does Partey start here? Not sure.. probably see Tomi in action as well.

You can sense villa might score, so going 3-1.

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Will be interesting to see the level of rotation for this game. Additional pressure on us by playing last out of City and Liverpool as well.


Massive game for us and there will (most likely) be added pressure on it with City and Liverpool picking up routine wins in advance of it.

I can see Partey, Trossard and Tomi all starting this one given Bailey and Diaby would skin Zinchenko alive on that side.

I would line up as follows:





Can see it being 2-1 to us overall. Villa to score late on to make it a nervy ending.

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5 days between Bayern and this game is a welcome break I must say. And with Villa playing on Thursday it's even better. Emery may try to emulate what Bayern did, sit super deep and break from inside their own half. I'd be surprised if they play their usual high line


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Never said this before: Bench Saka, see how it goes. There’s no option but to make big changes.

If Saka is fit start him, he’s played very few minutes compared to everyone else over the past month. If anything I think Rice should be the first for a rest.

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I have no issues with our league form. We’ve come off a poor result in the Champions League, and carried on business as usual in the League. The scars of last season are also still fresh in mind, so I know the boys will be fully focused here.

What worries me the most here is energy levels and energy preservation.

There’s potentially still 10 games to go after the Villa game. So let’s get the advantage early and manage the game, hopefully with fresh legs from 60 minutes onwards.

2-0 Arsenal


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Bailey vs Zinchenko/Kiwior won't be pleasant, hopefully we'll play Tomi to get some minutes for his legs as we'll need him at the Allianz.

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Hopefully Villa will have a tough game against Lille as they have two days fewer to recover.

There are a number of players who need to have some time here: ESR, Jesus, Vieira, Partey, Zinchenko, Nelson, Nketiah, Tomiyasu. Not all from the beginning and not all at the same time. We need to protect Rice, Ødegaard and Saka if we can but let's be realistic... tough as it will be we have clearly have less of a chance of winning CL than the league so this has to be three points. 2-0 or 3-1 will do me.

I think we can combine winning with preparing for Bayern away but we certainly can't afford to give away cheap goals and we should try and blow them out the water in the first half.


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Players were absolutely dead on their feet in that second half against Bayern, not sure what's going to happen but we could struggle on in next few games,they look tired

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I hope our players don't catch up with tow minds because of Bayern Munich game first we have Villa to take care. Really can't say so much Emery will set his team to win and will attack so we need to avoid mistakes.

Will we rotate? I don't know we playing against team who are 5th it's unlike Luton I think we'll go with strong line up here.


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White - Saliba - Gabriel - Tomi

Ødegaard - Partey - Rice

Saka - Jesus - Martinelli.

Let Partey, Tomi, and Martinelli play to get some rythm and confidence, they must start against Bayern, at least Tomi and Rice. Martinelli could be a bench option for the away game against Bayern.
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