Sander Berge


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Physically he is a beast, and he is decent technically for his size. The problem is that I am not sure he is what we need now. He'd be better than Elneny that is for sure....but that is damning with faint praise.
A better 3rd or 4th choice DM than Elneny is one of the things Arsenal desperately need imo. On that basis alone, it could be decent at the right price.


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Anyone saying he's slow and turns like a tanker has clearly never watched him.

Very decent player, but at 35 mill there is surely better value elsewhere. Sheffield doing their best Leicester imitation.


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Paying that kind of money for a slight upgrade (if that) on Xhaka is not what I’d like to see us do. I mean, if we get this guy Partey/Berge could be our midfield for a few years and I don’t think thats good enough.

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Would accept this if he was replacing Xhaka and we signed someone a bit more mobile and offensive minded alongside him. If it's a case of him being our big CM signing then it'd be pretty underwhelming.


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Berge and Bissouma or another midfielder would be lovely but knowing our club it'll be Berge who is so similar to Xhaka and the improvement will be so little in midfield. also if Berge release clause is 35M we need to go to other target totally not worth it.


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You know what I do like about Berge which rarely gets mentioned. He has a good ability to take the ball & drive past 1 or 2 players to beat the press & to help break lines. Too often we take the safe often & pass, very often backwards, we seen it again last night. Berge would give us something different with that regard.


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As a Norwegian I`ve never really rated Berge that highly but as pointed out by others he does have some qualities that we lack, notably size, power and the ability to transport the ball. I would not be happy at all if Berge is our sole midfield signing this summer but I think midfield options of Partey, Berge, Bissouma and Xhaka/Willock would be very interesting.


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He would be to Mikel as Fellaini was to his coaching idol Moyes. Excited times.

Except Fellaini was also an attacking threat, which Berge isn't really. I've nothing against Berge, I quite like him, but i'm not sure how he really improves us. He'd be a good squad player for sure. Mourinho would like him probably.


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Berge always impressed me when I have seen him and way more Bissouma. I'd take over all our CMs in this this seasons form.


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Is Berge Willock good enough for people around here, with Partey xxxx (let's say bissouma) as starters?

if true xhaka wants out, ceballos is off, Matteo off


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Is Berge Willock good enough for people around here, with Partey xxxx (let's say bissouma) as starters?

if true xhaka wants out, ceballos is off, Matteo off

It certainly be a more physical and athletic choice of midfielders than the current options.