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Takehiro Tomiyasu: Takehiro Today, Injured Tomorrow


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Honestly you wonder if these kids like Ryo Myachi, Joel Campbell and Wellington Silva would have had much better careers if they had more stability instead of getting loaned to a new club every year. I was excited for all of them and now they're all 29-30 in lower tier leagues. It can't be easy going overseas at a young age, then joining a club that speaks a complete different language to your parent club year on year. New teammates every year and needing to form new friendships every year at such a young age isn't doing the player any favours either.
Seeing these names made me remember how pissed I was at Wenger for trying to force us to believe that Yaya Sanogo was a professional footballer,


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Tbf Miyaichi had a game where he roasted prime Terry a few times, there was bags of talent and athletic ability there. Not really sure quite what went wrong.


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Tbf Miyaichi had a game where he roasted prime Terry a few times, there was bags of talent and athletic ability there. Not really sure quite what went wrong.
I was reading up on him earlier and he tore his ACL at least 3x in his career. He finally returned to play in Japan to wind down his career and he seems to have stayed healthy. Crazy.

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Yes hopefully just simple hamstring he played too much in October just unlucky to have this injury 3 weeks to world cup. But players around Europe are getting injured so fast what fifa did is criminal


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White/Zinchenko/Tierney should be enough for these next 3 games.

The worry is if he’s rushed back for the World Cup and damages it further.


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Our flying Scotsman ready to avenge his fallen Japanese friend like...



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Whoever choose to compare Tomi to that perma-crock Varane in the thread title has clearly cursed him and should be shot…

At least change it to “gets injured like Varane” ffs. @A__G this your doing?


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Fair play to Arteta for not reintroducing this crock to the team

Give him a nice retirement package

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