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The Anti-Wish List


Wishes Wrestling Fans Liked Him

Rafael Leoeoaoao. Very overrated imo. Plays in tier 2 league where everyone plays high up the field, zero bus parkings. Wouldn't cut in in our team in our league where everyone just parks the bus.
No idea why people want him for 80 mil or what he costs when we have Martinelli. Basically equals except Martinelli is 2 years younger. If Martinelli played in serie A he would have 30 g/a over all comps with all that open space.


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Don't want him either, seems an overrated Henderson type of player. Hopefully he goes to Chelsea or Liverpool.
The same Henderson who captained Liverpool and won the CL?

Rice seldom gives the ball away and can win the ball high up the pitch (he did it against us).

He should be our number one target. A natural 6, could play 8, and can fill in at centre half.


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On my anti-wish list at the moment:
Football players.

For once I think we’re ready to start the season. I don’t think there’s a realistic move out there that makes us immediately better.

I’d rather see us sell a bunch of players (we have 34 on the books which is too much) so that we have room for transfers in the next windows.

There’s about 8 that desperately need to go.
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